Author: Patricia Hinds

Publisher: Mignon Communications

2010-A New Year, A New Decade.  The new year brings promise—the promise of new. There can be new diets, new ways of living and thinking. At the stroke of midnight on January First, many of us resolve to work on a new attitude, improve or embark on new relationships. Whatever we promise ourselves, we cannot deliver without the presence of some good sense, some inspiration.

In THE GOOD SENSE HANDBOOK, as described, author Patricia Hinds presents a collection of short passages that serve as reminders of big and small thins that really make a difference in our lives.  Just reading the first couple of weeks, (and not reading ahead), it really is a book full of good sense with words that are applicable and needed in my life.

Like The Daily Word or other inspirational readings, THEGOOD SENSE HANDBOOK, serves as a weekly supplement to daily readings like your Bible. Patricia Hinds offers 52 weeks of topics ranging from The Beauty of Forgiveness to Patience—each week highlighted by bible verses.

I don’t know anyone who could NOT use THE GOOD SENSE HANDBOOK. It is suggested as “a great gift for sisters, brothers, mothers, daughters, graduates and all

those who enjoy words of encouragement and inspiration.” A great gift to give yourself…

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