Lil Wayne says the two seizures he suffered on Monday happened because he hadn’t been taking his medicine for epilepsy, not form obscene amounts of sizzurp, as he was spotted downing before falling ill. The rapper’s private jet was forced to make two emergency landings in Omaha on Monday when he suffered several seizures. As […]

It’s 2014! Time for those New Year’s resolutions, like losing weight, eating better, etc. But we as black folks should make a collective resolution to do better. Here’s our list of things black folks should stop doing and saying in the new year.

TMZ is reporting that rapper 2 Chainz was booked on felony narcotics possession this afternoon at Los Angeles International Airport. 2 Chainz, whose real name is  Tauheed Epps, was in possession of a small amount of marijuana and was also carrying Promethazine. Promethazine is mixed with codeine syrup, making sizzurp, a drug-laced drink made popular […]