Quia Querisma

When people learn that my family relocated from Queens Village, New York to Dallas, Texas when I was 16, the first question is usually, “Why did you leave New York?” Now take those feelings of shock, confusion, and curiosity and amplify them by 50 and then you’ll begin to understand what it’s like for expatriates, […]

My very first trip abroad happened at what could be considered the worst possible time. Iʼd been laid off for more than a year, and after a number of fruitless interviews I was officially burned out. Then, a friend of mine announced that she wanted to celebrate her birthday in London. There was only about […]

With many people hitting the city of Atlanta to soak up the social scene, it’s easy to empty your wallet before you realize what happened. I recently took to Georgia’s capital city without an agenda (or a rental car) to visit friends and enjoy a bit of the local culture. What I didn’t want to […]