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WASHINGTON (AP) — If Roland Henry had died in a different part of the country, his organs might have been recovered. And lives could have been saved. But the local organ collection agency said no. It gave no reason, no explanation to his family, though the Connecticut man appeared to be a well-qualified donor despite […]

Joe Tinker spent more than 12 years on dialysis with a failing kidney until the organ delivery driver got a transplant himself in August. Fox 5 reports the D.C. man had been rejected for a kidney transplant in the past. Two years ago Tinker began working as a delivery driver for a company which coordinates deliveries of […]

Two years ago, heart patient Anthony Stokes was kept off a heart transplant list because of his police record. At 15, when admitted to an Atlanta hospital with shortness of breath and chest pains, Stokes was wearing an ankle monitor as he was under house arrest for a fight. He was diagnosed with an enlarged […]