12/2/16- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Illustrator Hilde Atalanta, the creator of The Vulva Gallery, a collection of art that shows the different sizes and shapes of a woman’s vulva. “About a year ago I learned about Labiaplasty in the United States and I was astonished by this. Young women are altering the size of their […]

Jacque Reid talks about a new trend women are jumping on to have a sleeker look on their lady parts. Dr. Myla Bennett talks about Labioplasty, a surgical procedure that can alter the look of the folds of the vagina. “It’s making the lady lips look a little bit better. Sometimes women, their labia will […]

More women are willing to undergo the knife to improve their sex lives. A new corrective gynecological surgery claims to help women improve the look of their vaginas. Through a process called vaginoplasty doctors can tighten vaginal skin by cutting back the inner and outer lips of the labia and occasionally opening the clitoral hood. […]