If you live in their Philadelphia neighborhood, it’s possible you may see Aja and Fatin Dantzler going about their daily errands, picking up and dropping off their children, hanging out at a neighborhood festival or going about the business of heading to a studio or airport for their next recording session or tour. They are […]

Aja and Fatin Dantzler are celebrating today. Oh, it’s not just the summer release of their latest CD A Couple Friends or their six bright, attractive, well-mannered children. No, today’s an even more special day for the married singing duo. It’s their 16th anniversary. And in a world where celebrity marriages too often fall apart […]

Kindred The Family Soul, the First Couple of Black Music is back with their latest CD A Couple Friends. We celebrate Black Music everyday on The Tom Joyner Morning Show and on, so Black Music Month is very special to us. And we couldn’t think of a better representative of the power of Black […]