Karol Sanchez

Karol Sanchez allegedly staged her own kidnapping. Of course people were upset, folks were praying “so hard” for her safe return Russ says. This story made national news when it was believed that she had been abducted. Nowadays people want to be noticed but this was more than that….this was an “elaborate scheme” 4 men […]

After a 16-year-old Black girl was reported as kidnapped in New York City late Monday night, social media sleuths got on the case quickly and helped the name Karol Sanchez go viral. Concerned tweets about her whereabouts and suspicions of possible child sex trafficking filled timelines across the internet until it was reported Tuesday afternoon […]


UPDATE 12/17/19:  16-year-old Karol Sanchez has been found. Journalist Kemberly Richardson is reporting that the teenager was returned at a park near the location she was kidnapped from.   ORIGINAL STORY: Karol Sanchez, 16, was snatched off a Bronx street right in front of her mother Monday night. According to NBC4 police are investigating the […]