Growing up most of us received hand-me-downs, some of them were okay but some of them were awful! Guy was the youngest so he wore his brothers old underwear, shorts, and whatever else he couldn’t fit. Sometimes he even had to wear his sisters old clothes! Tom was the youngest but he was also the […]

DL Hughley Show Audio

Unfortunately, the store that made kids lose their minds with excitement Toys ‘R’ Us are closing and DL is mad. With all the technology that affords us opportunities to do things without leaving your home DL asks if we’ve lost the ability for our kids to play anymore? Don’t Miss Out! Follow The D.L. Hughley […]

Life & Style

  Becoming an adult is almost similiar to having a baby — you’re never actually ready. You just do it. The only difference is, you can somewhat prep for the arrival of a new bundle of joy by building a nursery, buying the right clothes etc. When it comes to adulting, it sometimes feels as […]