Grandparents tend to be their grand-kids favorite people and Bruce Bruce takes full advantage of that, he has 10 grandchildren who he knows will believe whatever he tells them. The younger ones are convinced that he’s an astronaut. He laughs that they think he’s “been to the moon and everything.” He knows they believe him […]

Tom isn’t a regular grandpa, he’s “fly-pop!” So he has to stay fly and keep up with the Avengers plot so he can talk to his fly babies about it. All week he’s been catching up on the Avenger movies and he’s finally ready to go see Endgame and participate in the conversation. HEAD BACK […]

Willie Moore Jr Show

Cruel and unusual jokes are fun for social media but when it involves pranking your grandparents, cruel is an understatement. What lengths would you go to go viral? This kid almost dislocated his Granny’s hip after he put her treadmill in overdrive.   I know he got that butt whooped after this!