Flesh eating bacteria cases and illnesses have tripled since 1997. Gross! According to experts the increase is caused by global warming which is allowing bacteria to survive a thrive in areas that were previously too cold. There have been cases up and down the Atlantic coast, across the golf states, the pacific north west and […]

A man in Florida has died from a flesh-eating bacteria that he contracted after eating bad oysters, according to The New York Post. The Florida Department of Health said that the 71-year-old man in Sarasota died following his seafood meal July 8 at a local restaurant. He died two days after he ate oysters containing […]

Hurricane Harvey may have gone but the effects of it are still here. One Missouri man who went down to Houston to help in the rebuilding process has suffered from that. While cleaning up he got infected with a flesh-eating bacteria. The water in Houston is said to have fecal matter and bacteria that is […]