Vice Chair Representative Erica Thomas was recently harassed at a Publix grocery store when she says all she was trying to do was check out and leave the store. She was in the checkout line with her 9-year-old daughter when a man walked up to her and complained that she had too many items. She […]


ATLANTA (AP) — No charges will be filed in the dispute between a black Georgia lawmaker and a white man she accused of verbally assaulting her for having too many items in an express checkout line at a grocery store, police said Tuesday. In a widely shared Facebook video, a tearful state Rep. Erica Thomas […]

Georgia state representative Erica Thomas verbally attacked by a man in a grocery store last week. Jacque Reid explained that the very pregnant representative and her young daughter were doing their grocery shopping when the man verbally attacked her. According to reports he called her “ignorant and a lazy b**ch” because she had too many […]