When DJ Vlad penned a tribute post on Instagram which highligted AIDS Awareness, he did so at the expense of late rapper Eazy E, who allegedly died from complications related to the disease. Many fans and his family have refuted his official cause of death. Rumors have long persistented that Eazy-E was killed by either Suge Knight […]

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In wake of the nationwide opening of the N.W.A biopic “Straight Outta Compton,” Eazy E’s daughter, E.B. Wright, (Erin Bria), is sharing her thoughts about her father’s portrayal in the film. https://instagram.com/p/mA7sKsrbPM/?taken-by=wewanteb   Though she was only four when he died, E.B. recalls fond memories of her dad, and she praises Jason Mitchell ‘s performance […]