Life is a roller coaster and we all go through challenges. Jacque Reid Goes Inside Her Story with Cora Jakes-Coleman, who is no stranger to life’s challenges. Her new book, Victory: Having the Edge for Success on the battlegrounds of Life, will help people gain the tools to overcome and come through hard times. Coleman herself […]

Cora Jakes Coleman recently released a new book called “Ferocious Warrior;” in the book she teaches people how to get to their “promise and purpose in life.” Growing up T.D. Jakes’ daughter she was always interested in going into ministry and it also came with “great scrutiny.” Moving into adulthood is difficult for most people […]

Living through the pain of heartbreak, infertility and a near-death accident would be a struggle for anyone.  It is perhaps even more difficult when you are the daughter of one of the world’s most famous ministers.  Cora Jakes Coleman, the eldest daughter of Bishop TD Jakes is now ready to share her story of turning […]