It’s rare to see women of a certain age in a leading role like the lead character in Netflix’s Juanita. Alfre Woodard stars as the down home “ghetto” grandmother, who abandons her caretaker role to go on an life-defining adventure. She finds new love, has great sex and rediscovers what it is to put herself […]

"She said 'I have never been so embarrassed,'" Katoosa Glover, Evelyn Redic's grandaughter, said in an interview with WBTV.

They say it’s never too late and 54-year-old Lillie McCloud can certainly attest to that. She’s the frontrunner on “The X Factor” and a surprise discovery who has thrilled judges and fans with her beautiful voice and towering Afro. But this is not McCloud’s first time at the rodeo. Though unknown to the vast majority […]