With the 4th of July approaching, Oleebo remembers the horror that Black people were living in back then and reviews a horror movie. The movie is Annabelle Comes Home and it’s about a babysitter who awakens the evil spirit inside of the Annabelle doll. This is the 5th Annabelle movie and Oleebo wasn’t feeling it. […]

Oleebo, the bootleg warrior, reviews the new horror flick, “Annabelle.” Listen to the audio player to hear how many handbags it gets!  RELATED: Bootleg Movie Review: “The Equalizer” [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] RELATED: Bootleg Movie Review: “The November Man” [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] RELATED: Bootleg Movie Review: “Dolphin Tale 2″ [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] Keep Up With The D.L. Hughley Show […]