09/11/17- Latricia from Nashville may have struck out at the Alabama A&M and Vanderbilt football game, but she still managed to get it in!  She said, “My team did lose. Arsenio is was murder!  We chose not to witness the murder and left at halftime. But we got it in at Monell’s Southern Cooking!” Like BlackAmericaWeb.com […]

It’s hard out here these days. And it’s particularly hard for college students. That’s what Alabama A&M student Justin Franks set out to change when he got a great idea. The full-time student, who also works a campus job, didn’t like seeing his classmates go hungry. So the enterprising young man started a food pantry, […]

After Edward Jones, a tenured professor of 20 years at Alabama A&M University, filed a lawsuit against the school with the intention of bringing certain administrative concerns to light; and the school, in turn, started termination proceedings against him, an irrefutable sex tape of Jones was stumbled upon in the process. If we were keeping […]