Willie Moore Jr Show

  Dr. Alduan Tartt has a serious message for anyone dealing with a loved one who’s struggling with depression – pay attention. In this interview, Tartt, a psychologist, motivational speaker and author, explains how to see the signs of crippling depression in women, men and children and how to convince them to get the help […]

The Black Beat

  NEW YORK (AP) — Teyana Taylor has some practical advice for her mentor Kanye West. The singer-dancer, who has performed with the Grammy-winning artist, wants him to take his time recovering. “Take however much time you need, you know. Time heals all,” Taylor told The Associated Press on the red carpet Friday for the […]


With a notable work on the small screen (Ally McBeal) and big screen (Love Jones, Devil in a Blue Dress), the ‘90s belonged to Lisa Nicole Carson. But something happened during that time that resulted in the sexy actress disappearing from our public radar. As it turned out that “something” turned out to be bipolar […]