There has been an alarming number of NFL players arrested this year since the Super Bowl. These arrests vary from minor incidents to the other end of the spectrum.   Sadly, there is one NFL player that has been charged with 1st degree murder.

1. Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez

Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested & charged with 1st degree murder on June 26 in connection with the death of Odin Lloyd.

2. Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones

Adam 'Pacman' Jones

Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, Cincinnati corner back, was arrested and jailed on an assault charge on June 10 after police said he hit a woman at a downtown Cincinnati nightclub.

3. Al Netter

Al Netter

Al Netter, San Francisco offensive lineman, was arrested on suspicion of a DUI in San Jose on February 20.

4. Amari Spievey

Amari Spievey

On March 26, Amari Spievey, football safety for the Detroit Lions, was arrested for 3rd degree assault, risk of injury to a child, and disorderly conduct after a child support dispute in Middletown, Conn.

5. Ausar Walcott

Ausar Walcott

Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Ausar Walcott was arrested and charged with attempted murder for allegedly punching a man outside a club in northern North Jersey on June 25. Following arrest, he was cut by the team.

6. Andre Smith

Andre Smith

On January 17, Andre Smith, Cincinnati offensive tackle, was arrested on a charge of carrying a loaded gun at Atlanta’s airport.

7. Armonty Bryant

Armonty Bryant

Cleveland Browns DL Armonty Bryant was arrested for a DUI in Ada, Okla. on May 3.

8. Brandon Barden

Brandon Barden

Tennessee tight end Brandon Barden was arrested on suspicion of a DUI after his car went off the road in eastern Georgia on March 23.

9. Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson

On May 20, NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson was arrested on charges that he violated probation stemming from a 2012 altercation with his now ex-wife, TV reality star Evelyn Lozada, He later served 7 days of a 30-day sentence after he slapped his attorney on the backside in court June 10, 2013.

10. Cody Grimm

Cody Grimm, free safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was arrested in Christianburg, Va., and charged with public intoxication on March 10. He was arrested and charged with public intoxication again on May 26.

11. Corey McIntyre

Corey McIntyre, free agent, was arrested on May 8 after an argument in his home in Port St. Lucie, Fla. and charged with misdemeanor battery.

12. Da’Quan Bowers

Tampa Bay defensive end Da’Quan Bowers was arrested after a .40-caliber handgun was found in his luggage at New York’s LaGuardia Airport on February 18. He pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct.

13. Desmond Bryant

Desmond Bryant, Oakland defensive end, was arrested in Miami on February 24 for a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief.

14. Evan Rodriguez

Evan Rodriguez was charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer in Miami on March 21. He was released by the Chicago Bears and is now a fullback and tight end for the Miami Dolphins.

15. Jason Peters

Jason Peters, Philadelphia offensive tackle, was arrested in Monroe, La., after allegedly drag racing and resisting arrest on May 12.

16. Javarris James

On March 7, Javarris James, Arizona running back, was arrested in Lee County, Fla. for failure to appear in court.

17. Jay Ratliff

On January 22, Jay Ratliff, Dallas defensive tackle, was charged with a DWI after his pickup truck struck an 18-wheeler in Grapevine, Texas.

18. Joe Morgan

New Orleans wide receiver Joe Morgan was arrested on May 25 in Jefferson Parish, La., for a DWI and driving without a license.

19. J’Marcus Webb

J'Marcus Webb

Chicago offensive tackle J’Marcus Webb was arrested on misdemeanor drug charges for possession of cannabis and paraphernalia in Pulaski County, Illinois on February 24.

20. Leroy Hill

Leroy Hill

Seattle linebacker Leroy Hill was arrested on January 29 on two felony counts of domestic violence stemming from an alleged incident with his girlfriend in his Issaquah home. He has been arrested three previous times for various charges in 2012, 2010 and 2009.

21. Michael Boley

Michael Boley

N.Y. Giants linebacker Michael Boley was arrested on child abuse charges in Etowah County, Ala., on February 8, three days after being cut by the team.

22. Quinton Carter

Quinton Carter

A free safety for the Denver Broncos Quinton Carter was arrested in Nevada on felony charges alleging that he cheated at a craps game at the Texas Station casino on March 9. The case was later dismissed.

23. Quentin Groves

Quentin Groves

Quentin Groves, Cleveland linebacker, was arrested in a prostitution sting in Ohio on April 17. He pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct.

24. Rolando McClain

Rolando McClain

On January 8, 2013, Oakland linebacker, Rolando McClain was charged with violating rules on car window tint and giving a false name to police in Decatur, Ala. He pleaded guilty to the window tint violation and paid a $182 fine; judge dismissed lying charge. On April 21, as a Baltimore linebacker, McClain was arrested again and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in Decatur, Alabama.

25. Robert Sands

Robert Sands

Cincinnati defensive back, Robert Sands, was charged with assault in the fourth degree and domestic violence after an altercation with his wife in their Florence, Ky., home, on January 4, 2013.

26. Ronnell Lewis

Ronnell Lewis

Ronnell Lewis, Detroit linebacker, arrested during an altercation at an Oklahoma bar on April 20. He was booked on three misdemeanor charges including public intoxication.

27. Titus Young

Titus Young

On May 5, Titus Young was arrested on suspicion of DUI then arrested again the same day for trying to take his car from a tow yard. On May 10, he was arrested again in San Clemente for allegedly breaking into a home.

28. Trumaine Johnson

Trumaine Johnson

Trumaine Johnson, St. Louis corner back, was arrested on a misdemeanor DUI charge in Missoula, Montana on March 22.

29. William Moore

William Moore

William Moore, of the Atlanta Falcons, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of simple battery in Atlanta on April 18.

30. Claude Davis and Cliff Harris

Claude Davis and Cliff Harris

The New York Jets cut players, Claude Davis (23) and Cliff Harris (22) one day after the two were arrested for possession of marijuana. Both were signed to reserve-future contracts in January but had never played. They were arrested after an officer noticed the vehicle they were in was filled with smoke. According to a release provided by Morristown Police, the officer smelled “burnt marijuana” when the driver rolled down his window.