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SHERYL LEE RALPH Abbott Elementary Finale Event photos and Episodic stills

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The episodes just keep getting better. ABC’s “Abbott Elementary” returned for its 15th episode in season 2. One accidental fire in the teacher’s lounge leads to an entire episode of lessons and fun times for the staff at Abbott. Check out our episode recap and fan reactions inside.

Oh Lord Jesus It’s A Fire!


Episode 15 titled “Fire” follows the Philadelphia elementary school through their first, and hopefully only, fire.

The episode description details:

Barbara’s candle accidentally starts a small fire in the teacher’s lounge, and a counselor suggests that she might not be handling the aftermath well; Melissa rekindles her childhood dream of being a firefighter. 

One of our favorite moments to witness throughout the second season is Ms. Howard’s growth. She goes from a reserved, somewhat judgmental God-fearing woman to someone who is open to the perspectives of those around her. Particularly in this episode, Barbara is forced to sit with her choices because of her impending emotions. It leads her to take a much needed mental health day.

Aside from the more serious topics like taking time for yourself, it was another episode filled with memorable jokes. We will allow the fans to document the humor, but we are still captivated by this all-star ensemble cast. From Ms. Schemmenti’s obsession with the fire department to Principal Ava darting out the school parking lot, this show has our hearts.

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Check out fan reactions from Wednesday’s “Fire” episode below:

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1. Let’s Get It


2. They Consistently Cook Janine Every Episode


3. Jacob Please


4. We Would Like To See It


5. A Reminder To Check In With Ourselves:


6. The Growth Is Impressive


7. Not One


8. The Support


9. Again, Roasting Janine


10. Janelle James Stan Account Here


11. Gregory Said “Ize The Principal Now”


12. Ok, Just One More Time


13. We’ve All Had This Type of Morning


14. Yes Janine. You Too Could Use Therapy


15. She Dashed Out of That Lot


16. Impeccable Writing


17. Normalize Mental Health Days & More Self Care