The legendary Luther Vandross died on July 1, 2005.

1. 1951: Luther Ronzoni Vandross was born on April 20 in New York’s Manhattan.

2. 1959: Luther’s father dies. Luther was eight.

3. 1969: Vandross appeared on the 2nd and 5th episodes of Sesame Street.

4. 1974: Toured with David Bowie as a backup singer.

5. 1975: Vandross wrote “Everybody Rejoice” for the Broadway musical The Wiz

6. 1978: Vandross appeared on Quincy Jones’s “Sounds…and Stuff Like That!!”

7. 1980: Vandross recorded the album “The Glow Of Love”

8. 1981: Vandross signed with Epic and released his debut album, “Never Too Much”

9. 1989: Vandross released the compilation “The Best of Luther Vandross”

10. 1991: Vandross won his first Grammy for “Here and Now.” (Photo: Retna)

11. 1992: Vandross won two Grammys for co-writing and performing “Power of Love.”

12. 1997: Vandross sang the American national anthem during Super Bowl XXXI

13. 2003: Vandross suffered a stroke which left him in a coma.

14. 2004: Vandross appeared via video at the 2004 Grammys. He won four Awards.

15. 2005: Vandross died at JFK Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey.