Black History Month originated in 1926, founded by Carter G. Woodson and was created to celebrate achievements, births, important timelines, events and to remember those we lost.

1. Whitney Houston

2012: Grammy Award winning Singer, actress, producer and model, Whitney Houston, passed away this day in Los Angeles, CA.

2. Otis Clay

1942: Otis Clay, an R&B and soul singer, who started in gospel music was born on this day in Waxhaw, MS. (Photo: Retna)

3. Leon Haywood

1942: Singer, songwriter and record producer, Leon Haywood, was born on this day in Houston, TX. (Photo: YouTube)

4. Little Johnny Taylor

1943: Blues and soul singer Little Johnny Taylor was born on this day in Conway, AR. He passed away in 2002. (Photo: YouTube)

5. Rochelle Fleming

1950: Lead singer for the group ‘First Choice’ Rochelle Fleming was born on this day in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo: Youtube)

6. Whitney Young, Jr.

1971: Civil rights activist and the National Urban League Director Whitney Young, Jr. passed away on this day in Lagos, Nigeria. (Photo: AP)

7. Isaiah Mustafa

1974: Actor Isaiah Mustafa, Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,’ was born on this day in Portland, OR. (Photo: AP)

8. Brandy

1979: Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, actress, record producer and television personality, Brandy Norwood, was born on this day in McComb, Ms. (Photo: Retna)

9. Nelson Mandela

1990: Nelson Mandela, leader of the movement to end South African apartheid, was released from Victor Verster Prison outside Cape Town, South Africa after 27 years as a political prisoner on this day. (Photo: AP)

10. Kelly Rowland

1981: Singer, actress, dancer and model Kelly Rowland was born on this day in Atlanta, Ga. (Photo: Retna)

11. Jaki Byard

1999: Jaki Byard, was arguably the most versatile pianist in jazz, passed away on this day at age 77. (Photo: YouTube)

12. Charles Langford

2007: Former Alabama state senator who fought in key civil rights legal battles as a lawyer for Rosa Parks and the organization that launched the historic Montgomery bus boycott, Charles Langford, passed away on this day. He was 84 years old. (Photo: AP)

13. Estelle Bennett

2009: The eldest member of the Ronettes, Estelle Bennett, passed away on this day in Englewood, NJ. She was 67 years old. (Photo: YouTube)