1. Rihanna was bullied in elementary school for being very light-skinned compared to her classmates. (PR)

2. President Barack Obama was bullied for his ears, his name, and his skin color growing up. (PR)

3. Kimora Lee was bullied as kid for being so tall and for being bi-racial. (PR)

4. Justin Timberlake was bulllied for being involved in music and art; he was often called a sissy. (PR)

5. Actress Rosario Dawson was bullied for being a late bloomer by the girls in her class. (PR)

6. Chris Rock was bullied for being the only black student in his NY school. (PR)

7. Tyra Banks was bullied as a teen for being tall, skinny, and having a big forehead. (PR)

8. Eminem was bullied due to his constant moving, being tormented for being the new kid. (PR)

9. Chris Bosh was bullied for being super skinny, extremely tall, and speaking “proper.” (PR)

10. Actress Jennifer Freeman was bullied for having severe acne. (PR)

11. Tiger woods was bullied for being half black and for a severe stuttering problem. (PR)