1. Halle Berry – 3 times

Halle Berry just jumped the broom once again making this her third time around.
David Justice 1993-1997
Eric Benet 2001-2005
Olivier Martinez 2013-present

2. Dinah Washington – 7 times

Dinah Washington jumped the broom seven times.
John Young 1942–1943
George Jenkins 1946-1946
Robert Grayson 1947-1947
Bassist and bandleader Walter Buchanan 1950-?
Saxophonist Eddie Chamblee 1957-?
Rafael Campos 1961 – ?
Pro-football player Dick “Night Train” Lane 1963-until her death

3. Richard Pryor – 7 times

Richard Pryor was married seven times to five different women.
Patrice Price 1960-1961
Shelley R. Bonis 1968-1969
Deborah McGuire 1977-1978
Jennifer Lee 1979-1982 AND 2001-2005 (until his death)
Flynn Belaine 1986-1987 AND 1990-1991

4. Fred Berry – 5 times

Fred Berry aka Rerun jumped the broom five times with four different women.
Franchesska Berry 1976-1976
Remarried Franchesska 1978-1980
Carol Ann Ross 1984-1991
Darlene Bitten 1994-1999
Essie Alexander Berry 1999-2003 (until his death)

5. George Foreman – 5 times

George Foreman married five times. What is more interesting than all his marriages is the number of children named after him. He has four sons named George and 1 daughter named Georgetta.
Here’s the Breakdown: He has four daughters and two sons from two of his previous four marriages which all ended in divorce: Michi, Freeda, Natalie and Georgetta plus George Jr. and George the 3rd. And with his current wife he has another daughter and two more boys: Leona and George the 4th and George the 5th.

6. Debbie Morgan – 4 times

Debbie Morgan has jumped the broom four times.
Ces Weldon 1980-1984
Charles S. Dutton 1989-1994
Donn Thompson 1997-2000
Jeffrey Winston 2009-present

7. Josephine Baker – 4 times

Josephine Baker was married four times, however, she received over 1,500 marriage proposals during her career. She also adopted 12 children.
Willie Baker 1921-1923
Jean Lion 1937-1938
Joe Bouillon 1947-1957
Robert Brady 1973-1975 (until her death)

8. Diahann Carroll – 4 times

Diahann Carroll has been married four times.
Vic Damone 1987-1996
Robert DeLeon 1975-1977
Fredde Glusman 1973-1973
Monte Kay 1956-1963

9. Louis Armstrong – 4 times

Louis Armstrong jumped the broom four times but none produced children. It is widely believed that he fathered a daughter Sharon with Lucille ‘Sweets’ Preston, a performer he maintained a years-long affair with

10. Issac Hayes – 4 times

Issac Hayes tied the knot four times and had eleven children, 14 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. His youngest child was born in 2006 with his fourth wife.

11. Redd Foxx – 4 times

Redd Foxx tied the knot four times.
Evelyn Killebrew 1948-1951
Betty Jean Harris 1956-1975
Yun Chi Chung 1976-1981
Ka Ho Cho 1991-until his death

12. Nelson Mandela – 3 times

Nelson Mandela has said ‘I Do’ three times.
Evelyn Nitoko Mase 1944-1957
Winnie Madikizela 1958-1996
Graca Machel 1998-present

13. Phylicia Rashad – 3

Phylicia Rashad has jumped the broom three times.
William Bowles, Jr. 1972-1975
Victor Willis 1978-1982
Ahmad Rashad 1985-2001

14. Sammy Davis, Jr. – 3 times

Sammy Davis, Jr. was married three times.
Loray White 1958-1959
May Britt 1960-1968
Altovise Davis 1970-1990 until his death

15. Quincy Jones – 3 times

Quincy Jones tied the knot three times.
Jeri Caldwell 1957-1966
Ulla Andersson 1967-1974
Peggy Lipton 1974-1990

16. Mike Tyson – 3 times

Mike Tyson has been married three times.
Robin Givens 1988-1989
Monica Turner 1997-2003
Lakiha ‘Kiki’ Spicer 2009-present

17. Stacey Dash – 3 times

Stacey Dash has jumped the broom three times and been engaged six times.
Brian Lovell 1999-2005
James Maby 2005-2006
Emmanuel Xuereb 2007-2010

18. John Amos – 3 times

Actor John A. Amos, Jr. has been married three times.
Noel J. Mickelson 1965-1975
Lillian Lehman 1978-1979
Elisabete De Sousa-Amos (Current wife)

19. Harry Belafonte – 3 times

Harry Belafonte has been married three times.
Marguerite Byrd 1948-1957
Julie Robinson 1957 – ?
Pamela Frank 2008 – present

20. Jennifer Lopez – 3 times

Jennifer Lopez has jumped the broom three times.
Ojani Noa 1997-1998
Cris Judd 2001-2003
Marc Anthony 2004-2012

21. Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has been married three times
Alvin Martin 1973-1979
David Claessen 1986-1988
Lyle Trachtenberg 1994-1995

22. Tom Cruise – 3 times

Tom Cruise has also been married three times and even odder is the fact that all three marriages ended when the wife was 33 years old.
Mimi Rogers 1987-1990
Nicole Kidman 1990-2001
Katie Holmes 2006-2011

23. Terrence Howard – 4 times

Terrence Howard has jumped the broom three times to two ladies.
Lori McCommas 1989-2003
Remarried Lori McCommas 2005-2007
Michelle Ghent 2010-2011
Miranda – Fall 2013