1. EJ Johnson

EJ Johnson for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

2. Most Recently, Janet Jackson for Nutrisystems.

3. One of the most successful is Jennifer Hudson. Lost 80 lbs.

4. Mariah Carey is currently the spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

5. Phylicia Rashad lost 35 lbs. in 8 months with Jenny Craig.

6. Charles Barkley started Weight Watchers last fall and has lost 42 lbs.

7. Marie Osmond lost 50 lbs. with Nutrisystems.

8. Valerie Bertinelli lost 49 lbs. with Jenny Craig.

9. Kirstie Alley has switched from Jenny Craig to Organic Liaisons.

10. Kelly Preston has lost 39 lbs. with Organic Liaisons.

11. Queen Latifah as endorsed Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig & Curvation.