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Law & Order originally aired on NBC in 1990 and ran for 20 years. It also produced several spinoffs such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: LA, Law & Order: Trial By Jury and even one across the pond . . . Law & Order: UK. Here are some very familiar faces who guest starred or had cameos in one or the other.

1. Jill Scott – 2010 Law & Order: SVU

Jill Scott guest-starred on this episode as a jealous, resentful woman who abuses her helpless, disabled sister who cannot speak, walk or take care of herself.

2. Quinton Aaron – 2010: Law & Order: SVU

Quinton Aaron portrayed the son of Jill Scott’s character who happens to be sweet and caring and takes care of his aunt.

3. Questlove – 2014: Law & Order: SVU

Questlove once said that one of his fantasies was to play a dead body on Law & Order: SVU. He got to do that just recently when he played a corpse who died from a gunshot wound to the head.

4. Courtney B. Vance – 1995: Law & Order

Courtney B. Vance played a smug African American stock broker who resents white people as well as people of his own race and is accused of murdering his boss. He hires a high-profile civil rights attorney who presents a ‘black rage’ defense. Vance later starred on the Criminal Intent series as ADA Ron Carver for several seasons.

5. 2 Chainz – 2013: Law & Order: SVU

2 Chainz guest-starred on this episode as Calvin ‘Pearlie’ Jones, a somewhat unsavory person involved in a conflict with Detective Fin Tutuola (Ice-T).

6. LaLa Anthony – 2013: Law & Order: SVU

LaLa Anthony guest-starred as a nurse turned jumpoff turned baby mama of an inmate. She dropped her typically glamorous style for jeans, running shoes and a plaid hoodie and still managed to look hot.

7. Kerry Washington & Edris Elba – 2001: Law & Order

Kerry Washington played an actress, Allie Lawrence, who goes to a night club with a couple of rappers, one who happens to be her boyfriend and a shooting occurs. Edris Elba is also in this episode. He plays Lonnie Liston, an employee of the night club and was present when the shooting took place.

8. Ludacris – 2006: Law & Order: SVU

Ludacris played Darius Parker, Fin’s troubled nephew in ‘Venom’ and again in an episode “Screwed” where Darius stands trial for rape and murder and is intent on bringing the unit down with him.

9. Big Boi – 2008: Law & Order: SVU

Big Boi played a Hip Hop artist, Gots Money, who is involved in an exotic animal smuggling ring that is under investigation by Detective Stabler. Gots Money agreed to go undercover with Stabler to catch the smugglers.

10. Mehcad Brooks – 2011: Law & Order: SVU

Mehcad Brooks played Prince Miller an NBA star who was abused by his high school coach. The SVU detectives convinced him to come forward so no other boys will be abused and the coach will be punished.

11. Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh & Heavy D – 2011: Law & Order: SVU

Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh had cameos on this episode. They lend support to Prince Miller. The late great Heavy-D played Supreme, Prince’s friend and business manager who only cares about Prince Miller’s brand.

12. Serena Williams – 2004: Law & Order: SVU

Serena Williams played Chloe Spiers, a college basketball star, who was questioned after a pledge-master of a local fraternity was found murdered. Her team was at an ‘away game’ so she was cleared.

13. Viola Davis – 2002: Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Viola Davis portrayed the leader of a school district’s security team, officer Terry Randolph. She and her crew got rid of drug dealers by taking a cut of their profits and committing several murders long the way.

14. Richard Brooks – 1996: Law & Order

Brooks was an original cast member as ADA Paul Robinette. He returned as a defense attorney and placed the system on trial when he defended a young black woman accused of kidnapping her biological baby from his white, adoptive parents.

15. Zoe Saldana & James McDaniel – 2004: Law & Order: SVU

Zoe Saldana played Gabrielle Vega the daughter of Javier Vega (James McDaniel) in this episode. She is a college student and her father is a criminology professor who is accused of murdering one of his students.

16. Wentworth Miller – 2010: Law & Order: SVU

Miller guest-starred as Officer Nate Kendall. He is called in to assist Detectives’ Stabler & Benson solve a series of rape cases.

17. Gina Torres – 2011: Law & Order

Torres guest-starred on this episode as a manager in a expensive restaurant who is questioned by the detectives because her boss, the owner of the establishment, is suspected of having her husband killed.

18. Delroy Lindo – 2008: Law & Order: SVU

Delroy Lindo played a homicide detective who teams up with Detective Stabler in search of a rapist/murderer who has committed similar crimes in Lindo’s precinct.

19. John Stamos – 2011: Law & Order: SVU

After a baby is found abandoned in a courtyard, the case leads the SVU detectives to a reproductive abuser played by John Stamos. He already has 20 children and another in the oven. He ensures all his women will wind up pregnant simply by putting a tiny pin prick in their condoms.

20. Chandra Wilson – 1992: Law & Order

Wilson played a teenage sitter who was not allowed into a building to watch a baby. The child froze to death due to the rundown condition of
the building. Chandra also guest starred on a couple of Law & Order: SVU.

21. Isaiah Washington – 1991: Law & Order

Washington played one of the three college kids accused of raping a college student during a fraternity Halloween party.

22. Samuel L. Jackson – 1991: Law & Order

Jackson played a defense attorney who has a challenging case of defending a youthful Philip Seymour Hoffman who played a thug charged with gang rape.

23. Mike Tyson – 2013: Law & Order: SVU

Tyson played an inmate on death row, ten days away from execution. With only three days to go, he was granted a stay of execution due to the blatant prosecurial misconduct in the original murder trial. The network also caught a lot of grief over this episode.

24. Wendy Williams – 2013: Law & Order: SVU

Williams guest-starred on this episode ‘Funny Valentine’ (as her herself). It’s about two young stars who have a volatile relationship and the guy eventually kills the female during an argument.

25. Terrence Howard – 2011: Law & Order: SVU & Law & Order: LA

Terrence Howard guest starred as ADA Jonah Dekker who comes to NYC from Los Angeles to defend his cousin who was accused of rape.

26. Paula Patton – 2010: Law & Order: SVU

Paula Patton was slated to replace Sharon Stone as SVU’s ADA, however, Paula was cast in “Mission Impossible 4” and was only in one episode.

27. Natalie Cole – 2006: Law & Order: SVU

Natalie Cole guest starred as attorney Serena Waldren. This episode dealt with childhood obesity when a group of teenage siblings attacked a girl at a prestigious school to revenge their morbidly obese brother.

28. Billy Porter – 2013: Law & Order: SVU

Tony Award winning actor Billy Porter played a vocal coach, Jackie, for a televised singing competition show and was accused of molesting students. After an investigation and Jackie’s reputation is thoroughly ruined, it comes to light that two female teens who were eliminated from the competition made the whole thing up.

29. Ashanti, Taylor Hicks & Clay Aiken – 2013: Law & Order: SVU

Ashanti, Hicks & Aiken guest-starred along side Billy Porter as the panel of judges for TV’s biggest reality show ‘America Diva’ and Ashanti was especially excited because she is such a huge fan of show SVU.

30. Michael B. Jordan – 2010: Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Michael B. Jordan guest starred in this episode ‘Inhumane Society’ as a boxer involved in a Michael Vick-inspired dog fighting scandal.

31. Pam Grier – 2002: Law & Order: SVU

Pam Grier played (and often had a recurring role as) Assistant US Attorney Claudia Williams who clashed with Benson & Stabler when she made their rape victim and prime suspect disappear into witness protection.

32. Audra McDonald – 2000: Law & Order: SVU

Audra McDonald played a forensic psychologist, Audrey Jackson, who is called in to help apprehend a serial rapist who preyed on women in the subway in the episode ‘Contact’ and again in the episode ‘Slaves’ which also starred Andrew McCarthy.

33. Coco Austin – 2012: Law & Order: SVU

Coco was asked to guest star in this episode when the casting director was looking for an actress and thought of her. She was nervous when she arrived on the set but relaxed after she found out she would be kissing a female. (Ice-T was relieved as well). She nailed the scene in one set.

34. Bradley Cooper – 2005: Law & Order: SVU

Bradley Cooper played a lawyer, Jason Whitaker, specializing in estates, retained by the distinguished Duvall family. When Gabriel Duvall was accused of multiple rapes, Whitaker served as his defense attorney.

35. Bellamy Young – 1998: Law & Order

Bellamy Young played Stephanie Harker, a young (white trash) Canadian female who marries a wealthy man in NYC after his wife dies in a hit & run (a crime committed by her). She has her husband, his daughter murdered and she kills the hired gun-woman. Jack McCoy asked for the death penalty and gets it!

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