1. 1. Stacey Dash: What a present it will be to have you Inaugurated as the POTUS on my birthday. God Speed Mitt Romney.

2. 2. John Legend: Beautiful time in Cleveland today. So many people voting. The lines huge. Need more early vote sites.


3. 3. Octavia Spencer: listen no matter where you stand on political ideology, please let your voice be heard. VOTE!

4. 4. Lenny Kravitz: I voted! Go VOTE! (Photo: AP)

5. 5. Eve: Don’t forget….We vote, we win! Team Obama (Photo: AP)

6. 6. MC Hammer: They call it Election Day…I call it Vote Day. It’s critical that we all participate! Go Vote!!!

7. 7. Keke Palmer: FIRST TIME VOTER!!!!!! (AP)

8. 8. Russell Simmons: Amazing how many people have early voted! Let’s keep it going! If we vote, we win! TeamObama.

9. 9. Joy Behar: Tomorrow our fate will be decided by the whole country. And by the whole country, I mean Ohio.

10. 10. Snoop Dogg: Make sure u all vote 2morrow!!! Barack Obama! (AP)

11. 11. Eliza Dushku: Can’t wait to rock my ‘I voted today’ sticker tomorrow. On my face. (AP)

12. 12. Nick Cannon: Help Rock the Vote – make calls & ask people to vote tomorrow. (AP)

13. 13. Elizabeth Banks: Me & Olivia Wilde are voting for Barack Obama tomorrow, election 2012. (AP)


14. 14. Ray J: Vote Team Obama (Photo: AP)

15. 15. Katy Perry: Who’s ready to vote tomorrow? Got my outfit laid out!

16. 16. Wyclef Jean: An idea can change a world, a voice can shake a planet,a person can make a difference. Vote.

17. 17. Lady Gaga: So excited, will be on the radio today & tomorrow to talk about the election & (importance) voting.

18. 18. Chris Rock: It’s finally here in a few hrs America will find out the winner between the pistons and the nuggets. .

19. 19. Fran Drescher: We invested 4yrs in Obama, don’t bail now when Obama can really bust out. 1 more term!

20. 20. DL HUghley: If voting doesn’t matter then why do so few try and stop so many from doing it!!! (TJMS)