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BMF Episodic Stills

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This week’s episode of BMF was titled ‘Runnin’ On E.’ With Meech barely out of the hospital and still bleeding out, Terry assumes command of BMF. BMF is strapped for cash, out of product, and down to their last men. Terry tries to find a new supply to alleviate their problems. Click inside to read the full recap of ‘BMF’ Season 2 Episode 4.


BMF Episodic Stills

Source: Courtesy / Starz

The last time we seen Meech (Demetrius Flenory Jr.), he had just been shot by his rival Lamar (Eric Kofi-Abrefa). Luckily for him, it wasn’t as bad as we might’ve thought. Terry watched over his older brother during his brief stint in the hospital. He even left a gun there for him for the times he had to leave. In a very smart move, Terry transports Meech from the hospital before Lamar can finish the job. He takes Meech to his baby mother Lori’s (Serayah) house to hide him out. Once they arrive, the brothers and B-Mickie discuss their options for finding more weight. Meech tells Tee to go holler at Pat (their old connect) and rekindle the relationship.

Meech visits his other baby mother Mo (Kash Doll) and apologizes for not taking heed to her warning that Lamar was still alive. He gives her instructions to stay still until he kills Lamar before scolding her about taking drugs. While Lamar had troubles performing in the bedroom, Meech was the opposite. Lori voices her concerns with Meech still being in the streets before they become intimate. Keeping his baby mothers and kids safe was obviously a priority for Meech. He also wanted to make sure his crew was safe. Ironically enough, the newest members of BMF (12th Street Gang) get fed up with blindly following Meech and decide that they’re out. That probably wasn’t the best idea.

Once Meech finds out about Terry’s screw up, he realizes that the best decision for the both of them is to flea from Detroit. Meech kisses Lori and their daughter and reassures them that everything will be okay. Who will Meech get in contact with once they get to the A? Does he have a plan or is he just moving off of instincts and emotions?


BMF Episodic Stills

Source: Courtesy / Starz

As Terry (Da’Vinci) finds himself in a tough spot (no drugs), he goes to his new love interest Markisha (Lala Anthony) for help. She gives him the location of Boom so that Terry can meet up with him. Terry lies to his parents about Meech’s whereabouts. He compounds the lies by telling them that he’s going out to work when in reality, he’s going to try and secure some drugs. Terry ignores Meech’s orders to meet up with Pat and convinces Boom to front him some drugs.

Terry geniusly grabs the drugs from Boom at an assisted living facility. He disguises it by picking up a couple who had scheduled a ride. Boom warns Terry to not get cute with his money. Unfortunately, Terry does just that. He has Denise drive to Lansing, Michigan. Terry has lined the car she’s driving with cocaine. Denise is arrested after the cops stop and search her vehicle and discover the drugs. The first person Denise thinks to call is…yep, Terry. All Terry can tell her at the moment is to stay quiet until she gets a lawyer. Terry is scolded by both of his parents for lying about who he is and what he does. That wasn’t the end of it. Meech was the next person to let Terry know how bad he messed up. The two agree to leave town.

Before they can depart, Terry makes sure to visit Markisha at her job. The two have sex for the first time and have a very deep conversation. Markisha tells Terry that whenever he digs himself out of the mess he’s in, he needs to decide what he wants.


BMF Episodic Stills

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Detective Bryant (Steve Harris) and Detective Jin (Kelly Hu) won’t stop until Meech and Terry are in their custody. The Flenory brothers aren’t their only problem though…Lamar is still on the streets. Well, for a second, neither Lamar or Meech were on the streets. The cops brought the two into an interrogation room together in hopes that Meech would rat on Lamar. Instead, Meech declines to participate, forcing the cops to have to let Lamar go since they didn’t have anything on him. The cops decide that Terry is who they should be watching out for while Meech is recovering from his injury.

They decide to start their stake out at the Flenory’s garage. Through out the day, they follow Terry around as he picks up and drops off customers hoping that he slips up. When they don’t see anything suspicious at the assisted living facility, they decide to take a break and go to the bar. The next day, they’re back on Terry’s tail. Feeling like things were suspicious, they pull over Denise and find the drugs in her car. Now Denise is detained for interrogation. What will she give up? What will Howard and Jin’s next moves be now that Meech and Terry are gone?

It was a relatively slow episode for B-Mickie (Myles Truitt) but with Meech and Terry headed to Atlanta, things will surely heat up for him.


BMF Episodic Stills

Source: Courtesy / Starz

After his attempt at killing Meech in the hospital was unsuccessful and he couldn’t perform in the bedroom, Lamar just wanted to incite violence in anyway possible. Alvin (Donnell Rawlings) gives him a pep talk that reawakens the inner demon he showed us in the first season. Lamar catches the two former 12th Street Gang members lacking and brutally kills both of them.

Lucille (Michole Briana White) and Charles (Russell Hornsby) attend church where Pastor Swift offers prayers for Meech’s recovery. Some of the congregation at the church walk out during the prayer, choosing not to show support to someone who they feel is hurting their community. As most mothers might, Lucille decides to stand up for her child. She brings up examples of people she has prayed for despite their shortcomings/situations. Mable shares some encouraging words with Charles before Lucille interrupts them.

Although he is annoying most of the time we see him, Charles tried his best to make up for it. In the midst of Terry and Meech rushing out, Charles gives his sons the last money he has (where has this money been this whole time? Lmao). He reminds them to stick together. They had to remember very quickly. As they’re driving (they hadn’t even made it out of Detroit yet), Lamar repeatedly rams the back of their car and tries to run them off the road. Luckily, the Flenory’s are able to get away. Next stop: Atlanta. What are the boys going to get into in the South? Who will take over BMF while they’re gone? What’s Lamar’s next play? Will Denis flip on the Flenory’s? Will Lucille and Charles relationship make any progress? There is so much for us to unpack going into next week’s episode. Drop your thoughts on the fourth episode of season two in the comments and also let us know what you think will happen next week!

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