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22 Times Brendan Jordan Was Your Spirit Animal & You Didn’t Even Know It  was originally published on

1. Try Not To Fall In Love With This Kid, Seriously

We met Brenden during a news cast at the downtown Summerlin opening, where he stole the show with his killer moves and amazing resting bitch face. We were obsessed, just like the rest of the world. Then we found him on Instagram and YouTube and we can’t get enough. Check out all the times Brendan was your spirit animal.

2. When He Understands The Importance Of A Strong Shoulder

3. When He Tries Something Stupid For Fun

BRENDAN JORDAN – KYLIE JENNER LIP TUTORIAL–he literally made this stupid trend go viral.

4. He loves Kim K!

“I told myself that I’d one day get a picture with Mrs. Kim, so here it is!! Also we had the sweetest conversation 🖤🖤

5. When He Teaches You How To Make A Career Choice