The team asked a group of both married and single men to compile a list of the different types of women all or most men have dated…and this is what they came up with. The nerve!

1. Ms. Baby Mama

In the words of DMX, “I love my baby mother, I’ll never let her go.” Whether she’s the mother of your child or someone else’s, she loves hard because she has something more to live for. So there always seems to be a little extra “uumph” in her arguments, she does not play! But you love that about her.

2. Ms. Gold Digger

“Now I ain’t saying she a gold digger…” you know the rest.

3. Ms. Daddy’s Little Girl

The one woman where you have to ask yourself “am I trying to date the girl or the dad?” It’s just too much work to break down daddy’s protective wall and she finds joy in trying to see you do it.

4. Ms. Run N Tell Her Friends

The woman who has her best friend on speed dial the minute her man does something wrong…”Girl, can you believe what he just did!”

5. Ms. I’m Stripping to Pay For College

You didn’t know they had a college that only took one dollar bills, did you?

6. Ms. Drama Queen

Like Jay Z says “Always talkin’ out her neck, makin’ her fingers snap”… watch your good china!

7. Ms. Woman Scorned

“I know you’ve been hurt by someone else, I can tell by the way you carry yourself”- Drake said he knows, but does he really. This is the woman who has been hurt bad and the man in her life is going to have to work hard for this one.

8. Ms. Secretly Crazy

So, maybe she loses it once in a while. Maybe she has multiple personalities (like three or four). Maybe she’s a little embarrassing at office parties…but she’s the best you ever had!

9. Ms. A Little Too Hood

“You ain’t got to lie, Craig, you ain’t got to lie!”

To quote Jay Z again, “Got a project chick, that plays her part. And if it goes down y’all that’s my heart. Baby girl so thorough she been with me from the start.”

10. Ms. I Respect Your Opinion As Long As You Agree With Me

Don’t get into an argument with this woman, because yes she will listen but she’s not hearing it! She “don’t got time for that!”

11. Ms. Independent On Your Dime

Ms. Independent has her own place, her own car, pays her own bills but she still wants you to flip the bill. But she won’t let anyone know that, she is independent and all. Ironic, huh?

12. Ms. I Don’t Need a Man for ANYTHING

“Tell me what you think about me, I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings. Only ring your cell-y when I’m feelin lonely. When it’s all over please get up and leave.”

This Destiny’s Child lyric might be the theme song for the women who claim “they don’t need a man”…. Go head on with your bad self!

13. Ms. Bougie aka Ms. Only Designer Brands

Rapper Trina said “Give me Gucci, give me Chanel, pearls and give me Prada” and this woman is right along singing with her. And it’s not that she’s a gold digger, because she’ll buy her own, but buy her a pair of shoes less than $500 you’ll be left alone.

14. Ms. Never Satisfied

Even Babyface in “Soon As I Get Home” couldn’t satisfy this woman. Sorry, but you will never meet her high standards even though she might not even meet them herself.

15. Ms. Constant Talker

RUN DMC said it best “I said you talk about this, and you talk about that
When the cat took your tongue, I say you took it right back. Your mouth is so big, one bite would kill a Big Mac…You talk too much You never shut up.”

16. Ms. Clingy

Where ever her man goes, she wants to go. And if she can’t, best believe she will be contacting him the whole time he’s away. Call her the female bug-a-boo.

17. Ms. Attitude

She’s confrontational, she’s angry all the time, she’s short with people, she rarely compromises, she “goes off” for no good reason often – admit it you love every minute.