In the words of Langston Hughes these are “the ways of white folks, I mean some white folks” and the opinions of some black folks. This gallery is meant to be light-hearted and it does not represent the views of all black ideals, opinions & personalities.  Enjoy and laugh if you can relate!

1. Can a sista’ enjoy her lunch without one of her co-workers attempting to stick their fingers in it, asking to taste it or pointing out they’ve never heard of it before?!

(Photos: Youtube-“Unwritten Rules”)

2. Hey, [insert black co-worker’s name] can you teach me how to Cha-Cha Slide or Wobble? ….. Umm, what are we? The Billy Blanks of line-dancing?!

3. God Forbid you need to borrow some cover-up because most likely you’ll end up looking like this.

4. They think you’re the rap encyclopedia. “What are the lyrics to Biggie’s song?” How about you ask me if I listen to rap music first? (I do), but still!

5. Don’t let you change your hairstyle up because you’re just going to get bombarded with “your hair grew so fast” and “is that your hair” comments while they break their brain trying to figure out how you did it.

(Photos: AP/PR)

6. Some of us feel like “Bird” in “Soul Food”! Sorry, but we can’t all cook…..or…

7. Sing! or…..

8. play sports well!

9. They try to hook you up with every black guy they encounter (like…can they at least be cute?)

(Photo: Youtube-“Unwritten Rules)

10. Doesn’t it seem like their voices get lower when they have to say “black” or “African-American”?!

11. They always want to touch your hair!!

12. How we really want to break it down at the office party but we can’t.

13. Don’t let Black History Month come around. Suddenly you’re the end-all-be-all of black history and everyone wants to be sooo nice to you. Where are they the other 11 months?

14. Sometimes it’s just as simple as “Did they really just send me that stupid email?!”

15. One of two things typically occurs: 1. We are asked to define a slang word 2. The slang gets turned up when they talk to us (like really, why are you saying Whazzup, yo & homie to me)?

16. Sometimes you want to indulge in some black entertainment but when you go to work the next day, you have no one to gossip with it about!

17. And sometimes they do too much to be cool with you.