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Nissan is ready to get us all back out on the road to seek new adventures and has a new 2022 Pathfinder perfect for any road trip. Let’s get out there again, together. Let’s return to our nature as we get back outside safely with our family and friends this summer – beach fun, hiking, cross country trips, etc. Do all the cool stuff you’ve always wanted to do this summer!

We’ve partnered with Nissan to bring you this road trip resource guide so that you can start planning your next trip or adventure. This includes music for your playlist, landmarks worth visiting, and more. Check it out and share this with your network!



Check out these worthwhile destinations on our interactive map below, highlighting neighborhoods, activities, black owned restaurants and more for you to experience.

Pathfinder Playlist

A road trip isn’t a road trip without some good tunes to vibe to along the way. So we partnered with Nissan to bring you this selection of rough and rugged songs (like the Nissan Pathfinder) that you can add to your road trip playlist! Listen below

1. Tobe Nwigwe |Journey | The Pandemic Project – 2020

2. Drake – Popstar | Khaled Khaled – 2021

3. Megan Thee Stallion | Savage Remix (feat. Beyonce) | Good News – 2020

4. Da Baby | Ball If I Want To

5. J Cole | 95 South | The Off Season – 2021

6. M.O.P. | Ante Up Remix (feat. Busta Rhymes, Teflon and Remi Martin)

7. Moneybagg Yo | Time Today | A Gangsta’s Pain – 2021

8. Vybz Kartel | Gal a Weh Do You | Pon Di Gaza 2.0 – 2010

9. A$AP Ferg | Plain Jane | Still Striving – 2017

10. Tyler The Creator | Lumberjack | Call Me If You Get Lost – 2021

11. Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Travis Scott | Hats Off

12. Beyonce | Run the World (Girls) | 4 – 2011

13. Cardi B | Up

14. Popcaan | Silence | Forever – 2018

15. Kanye West | Power | My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – 2010

16. Outkast | Player’s Ball | Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik – 1994

17. Kanye West | So Appalled | My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – 2010

18. Nipsey Hussle | Dedication | Victory Lap – 2018

19. Bounty Killer | Bruk It | Bruk It – 2020

20. Pop Smoke | Welcome To The Party | Meet The Woo – 2019

21. Outkast | Player’s Ball | Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik – 1994

22. Tobe Nwigwe | EAT – 2020

23. 2 Chainz | Feel A Way (feat. Kanye West & Brent Faiyaz)

24. Rihanna | Work (feat. Drake)| ANTI (Deluxe) – 2016

25. Jay-Z | Can I Get A… (feat. Ja Rule & Amil) | Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life – 1998

26. Kendrick Lamar | Rigamortus | Section.80 – 2011

27. Future | Stick Talk | DS2 – 2015

28. Busta Rhymes | Break Ya Neck |Genesis – 2001

29. Migos | Straightenin’ | Culture III – 2021

30. A$AP Ferg | Floor Seats – 2019

31. Big Sean | ZTFO | Detroit 2 – 2020

32. Travis Scott | Sicko Mode (feat. Drake) | ASTROWORLD – 2018


Road Trip Essential Checklist

It’s almost time to get on the road, and you’ve started to think about all the things you have to pack to make sure you have everything you need. So, we’ve put together the Ultimate Road Trip Packing List to help keep you and your family/friends running smoothly throughout the trip.

Spare Cash ✓

You can use this for emergencies, paying your portion of group bills at brunch/lunch, entry fees at venues or bars, parking meters, and road tolls.

Paper Towels ✓

Paper towels are essential on any road trip! There’s nothing worse than an accidental spill in a moving vehicle with nothing to clean up with. They’re also great to use as napkins, to wipe down your phone screen, and more!

Umbrella ✓

Having one of these in the car – regardless of your destination – is always a good thing!

Portable Phone Charger ✓

Being out and about having a good time or experiencing an emergency contact situation and getting that low battery alert on your phone with no way of charging it sucks. Having this is always a “life saver” in those critical moments.

A Great Playlist ✓

Check out our song recommendations above for your road trip playlist!

Travel Pillow ✓

Because comfortable travelers = happy people

Lip Balm ✓

Pop one in the glove box, your pocket, and/or one in your bag so you don’t get caught up out here with some cracked, dry or crusty looking lips!

Hand Sanitizer ✓

Because good hygiene was important before COVID-19! Stay sanitized, especially on a road trip

Snacks ✓

A great solution for not just hunger, but boredom too! Take some of your favorite snacks with you on the road.

A Pack of Water Bottles ✓

This is a no brainer. Keep a pack in the car for you and everyone else. You’re going to need it, especially on a hot summer day!

A Good Book or Magazine ✓

If you’re not driving, use some of your time on the road to read a book or some magazine articles you otherwise may not have had the time to do. Knowledge is wealth, and what you’re reading could make for some good conversation with whoever you’re with.

Vehicle Spotlight: The all-new, ruggedly redesigned 2022 Nissan Pathfinder

Stylish, elevated ruggedness

The legend returns! Pathfinder has a storied history of capability, and it’s one of Nissan’s most legendary flagship vehicles. When it first hit the off-road back in 1987, it changed the game for adventure-lovers everywhere. Today, it’s returning to its rugged roots so adventures can get back to what they love. And pass it down to the next generation

The all-new, ruggedly redesigned 2022 Nissan Pathfinder is a look good, feel good experience that can be shared with your loved ones. It has bold, premium luxury styling without being purely functional. To learn more about the all-new, ruggedly redesigned 2022 Nissan Pathfinder visit


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