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According to TMZ, Philadelphia Police Officer Burnett allegedly deleted a suspect’s video from his phone after aggressively throwing him out of his truck. The story gets interesting as the police officer had his body cam rolling the entire time.

The official police report says that Officer Burnett has seen the suspect’s pickup truck before in March, when he ran the plates he found that the suspect Giddings had a warrant for his arrest. When the Officer pulled Giddings over the suspect allegedly started to resist arrest, which led the officer to use force to have him stop resisting. Now, the body cam shows a different story, Giddings was filming the interaction between him and the police officers. When demanded to step out of the care he denied the request, Officer Burnett decides to physically throw him out of the car.

Watch the full video here.

Suspect Giddings has already started legal action and plans to sue the Philadelphia PD for excessive force and malicious prosecution. More details as the story develops.


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