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Jay Z has hired a lawyer for the family who were nearly killed by Phoenix Police Officers over a $4 doll their toddler took from a store. The family has filed a $10 Million lawsuit against the city, and Jigga is doing his part to help dismantle the KKK culture with the department.

According to AZCentral, the rapper’s philanthropic organization within his entertainment company ROC Nation has secured high-profile attorney Alex Spiro, who is demanding the termination of the race soldiers who threatened to kill the family. Spiro has also announced plans to file a lawsuit against one of the officers for child neglect, NewsOne reports.

Viral video of the May 29 incident shows Phoenix police officer Christopher Meyer screaming threats and profanity toward a family in a van; Dravon Ames, 22, his pregnant fiancé Aisha Harper, 24, and their two young daughters.

“You’re gonna fucking get shot!” the cop yells at one point. “I’m gonna put a fucking cap in your fucking head.”

As  previously reported, Ames, Harper and their daughters, Island, 4 and 1-year-old London, were held at gunpoint after their 4-year-old (Island) walked out of a dollar store with a Barbie-like doll – unbeknownst to the parents.

Video of the encounter was recently released, and it shows officers cursing at both parents while ordering the family to put their hands up and get out of their vehicle.

As she’s holding her children, Harper tells the officers she can’t open the door because it doesn’t work properly. The triggered race soldier then threatens to shoot her.

“You’re going to f*cking get shot!” he shouts, pointing a gun at the vehicle. “Are you f*cking deaf? Get out the f*cking car!”

“I can’t put my hands up,” Harper sobs. “I have a f*cking baby in my hands. I can’t, I’m pregnant.”

Meanwhile, another officer pulls Dravon Ames out of the car, roughing him up as he puts him in handcuffs. He’s seen slamming Ames’ face against a cruiser, kicking his legs, and punching him in the back while he’s pinned to the police car. The officer screams at Ames, “When I tell you to do something, you f*cking do it.”

As expected, the arresting cops lied in their reports, neglecting  to mention their threats to kill the family. They also reportedly turned off their dash and body cameras. As one Twitter user noted, “This is not unconscious bias. It’s malicious, calculated, life-threatening racism.”

On Saturday, ABC15 obtained a copy of the full police report, which was written by Meyer and found there were major differences in what was seen on the video and what was written.

Meyer made no mention of holding the family at gunpoint only writing that “Iesha was then removed from the vehicle.” He also did not note how Ames was kicked in the leg while in handcuffs stating only that Ames “began to tense his arms and turn back towards me. I made him spread his feet.” He also failed to mention that he ordered the mother to put her child on the ground as he claimed Harper “refused to put the child down. She became loud, verbally abusive and refused our commands.”

“There is no place for that behavior in our world – let alone our justice system – and we are calling for the immediate termination of the police officers in question,” ROC Nation Managing Director of Philanthropy Dania Diaz said. “We are committed to supporting the family to ensure that justice is served.”

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams, who is a Black woman, released a video on the department’s Facebook page on Friday saying she was “disturbed by the language and actions of our officer.” In a separate video, she addressed the findings of a new database that outed racist Facebook posts made by police officers around the country, many of whom work with the Phoenix Police Department.

40 Black Men & Youths Who Were Killed By Police
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13 thoughts on “Jay-Z Hires Lawyer For Black Family Held At Gunpoint By Phoenix Police Dept.

  1. Curryshark on said:

    There’s some serious ignorance going on in this thread with some of you its really sad and you need to educate yourselves and stop working on behalf of the devil. He will come for you when you least expect it.

  2. Teresa James on said:

    @Butterpecan Go straight to HELL with your ignorant comment and malicious disregard for how this family was treated!

  3. F this racist piece of shit who wears a 5 percenter symbol. He is a racist, plain and simple. LIke all blacks, and I have seen it a million times, this black devil will eventually be broke. It never fails with the subhumans!

    • ORRIN Jl on said:

      fuck you you piece shit the only reason you can support these low life thugs pretending to be cops is you are one of them. one day good will conquer your evil ass and you will hide under that rock from which you came from.

  4. Passing Through!! on said:

    Blue devils surrounding a family vehicle with guns drawn over a dollar store toy. I’m convinced police have the lowest IQ’s of any profession on earth, absolutely zero common sense. Pulling guns on a car with children inside over a toy, raging animal instinct to kill anything black. Women and children included.

  5. Bang215 on said:

    How on earth do the cops still have a job? THEY SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY AND FACE CRIMINAL CHARGES! Apparently, these police officers don’t know how to police it’s citizens. They need anger management!! Can’t have the police reacting to unarmed/non threatening U.S. citizens. THEY SHOULD BE REMOVED OFF THE FORCE A.S.A.P

  6. americanize on said:

    Listen at the rage in the voice of the race soldier,he wanted to kill everybody in that car including those kids and they didn’t give a fu*k that she was pregnant,all over a 99cent doll.

  7. Butter Pecan on said:

    Black men take note. These hood rats will either get you arrested, killed, or both. #WalkAway from BlackQueens

    • Nieci1974 on said:

      You sound like the typical heartbroken racist that you look like. People like you are too much of a coward to let yourself be seen by those that you speak ill of. That lady did nothing wrong and it shows in the video. I am a Black Queen with a wonderful Black King by my side and a wonderful Black Prince. Stop hating on us just because you can’t handle the fact that we are beautiful.

    • Melanin Queen on said:

      Girl sit your stupid ass down! Nobody is even taking you serious. You only put this up for clout.Your comment has absolutely nothing to do with what happened. You are as ignorant as the officers in the video ,if you really thought making a post so disrespectful after watching the video was okay. Congratulations for your 2 seconds of fame.

      • Phoenix Rising on said:

        She’s an attention whore. She’s lonely and this is the only way someone, anyone will communicate with her. Sad isn’t it?

    • I really pray, you’re not as dumb and stupid looking as the comment you posted! “Walk away from hoodrats.” This was a young Queen with her husband, child and pregnant being harrased by those who are supposed to uphold the law. This was not upholding the law under any circumstances.

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