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Because of recent accusations, you can add AJ Calloway‘s (“Extra”) name to the ever growing list of targets on the #MeToo list. Actually it was already there because last June, writer Sil Lai Abrams accused the TV personality of sexual assault.

Flash forward to the present and we’ve learned that two more women have come forward to tell The Daily Beast about the bad things Calloway allegedly did to them. Interestingly and (as far as we’re concerned), unfortunately for Calloway, the women’s identities are being withheld.

In any event, one of the accusers filed a lawsuit against Calloway on December 24 at the West Orange, New Jersey Police Department.

The second accuser, know as  “Talia” believes Calloway would try to destroy her career if she revealed her identity.

“I don’t want it to affect my future, everything that I’ve worked hard for—and AJ is someone that would try to do that.”

In the report, Talia said she and Calloway went to dinner, and afterwards, Calloway drove the two back to his home for an after-party with a group of friends. Once the other guests left for the night, Talia says Calloway forced himself on her. When she refused, he exposed himself to her, she added.

What’s also interesting to Abrams is that Warner Bro. Television, which produces “Extra” hasn’t said diddly about the mess swirling around their employee which could directly affect them, negatively.

“I emailed Blake Bryant, the head of publicity at Warner Brothers Television—the same guy who Kim Masters reached out to when she was working on her piece for The Hollywood Reporter—asking him why they haven’t issued any statements,” Abrams explained. “I let him know that I’d spoken with multiple women and there are multiple alleged victims of AJ. I was thinking, Warner Brothers has got to say something, I mean, what are they going to do? I got no response.”

Calloway, however, has spoken about the situation. At least he did back in June when the The Hollywood Reporter story came out. He released a statement through his legal team vigorously denying doing anything wrong.

THR chose to publish these meritless allegations without a thorough investigation of the facts. I intend to vigorously defend my reputation against these false accusations and will not let this cause further harm to my family,” his statement read.

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5 thoughts on “A.J. Calloway Accused Of Sexual Assault Again

  1. Meanwhile Charlie Sheen has no worries and Weinstein just got one of his charges dropped. None of the white men are making the news. This is exactly how schools operate. They let the white boys get away with murder and focus on the black males to distract from the white privilege going on.Smh!

  2. Barbara Dates on said:

    I know his ass can’t be this stupid. This is the 3rd lady that has came out with the accusations of assaul! Damn dude what are you doing.

  3. The Truth on said:

    If you are accusing someone of such allegations all parties need to be revealed. This is his life and well and the women loves. This society is so out of control and so Evil we a person can just make a statement and your life is gone or ruin. We have laws on place and we have a process Not emotions Bit a process that should be followed by ALL MEANS NECCESSARY. YOU JUST CAN’T BE HE SAY AND SHE SAY AND THE MAN OR WOMAN IS GUILTY. YOU ARE INNOCENT… UNTIL PROVEN.. UNTIL PROVEN. UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. This scene has to be more investigation more detailed, evidences witness phone calls, texts ext. America has to do BETTER about Running with information and acting because of their agendas it’s NOT RIGHT AND THIS MAKES THE JUSTICE SYSTEM LOOK REAL BAD! AND SOCIETY AS WHOLE WEAK AND DISHARDENING! REMEMBER YOU CAN BE NEXT SHE OR HE SAID IT!

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