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B2K and Chris Stokes on The Set of 'You Been Served'

Source: Steve Grayson / Getty

As a B2K fan, I remember the precise moment myself and other fans found out the group had broken up. We were confused and tried to make sense of what could possibly cause such a successful and beloved band to severe ties. We searched for answers until the final three members J-Boog, Raz B and Lil Fizz revealed details about the breakup, claiming their former manager Chris Stokes withheld money from them and that he was overbearing and controlling.

Shortly after that interview, Raz B accused Stokes, his cousin, of molestation. While the rest of the boys denied the accusations, it left a stigma and cloud over the group, which is why we speculate it took the group so long to get back together.

With their reunion tour approaching, fans began to tweet Chris Stokes, who responded to their questions denouncing rumors he withheld finances from the group or molested them. Stokes seems to be trying to maintain a positive demeanor amidst the group’s reunion. Here’s what he had to say about all the rumors.

More tweets below:





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