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Kanye West has recently decided to bring his fashion to the world of controversial politics – even though no one really asked him to do so. He still went ahead and designed some t-shirts which were meant to urge African-Americans to go ahead and leave the Democratic Party by branding them with the words, “Blexit.”

As far as the brand name of this ‘campaign’ goes, it brings about something very horrible to our minds. The New York Post covered the launch of these shirts as they appeared at the Young Black Leadership Conference’s Turning Point that was held in Washington D.C. This is where the Communications Director at Turning Point was quoted as saying that he was blessed to be a part of Blexit and the renaissance that it brought forward.

The Director of Talking Point also came forward to say that Kanye West has taken some very bold steps to take America into a conversation that was much needed. That being said, the Blexit website has also notified its readers that it aims to impact all the freethinkers in the country so they could release themselves from all kinds of political orthodoxy.

Even though Blexit sounds more like the sounds a dying sheep may make, you may relate this word to a completely different type of renaissance – a more abominable one! As many users on the Breitbart website found, Blexit is apparently a national movement of sorts that wants people to awaken to the truth. It is a movement which is aimed at targeting those people who support leftist political parties and candidates. Now this movement asks them the question, “What does this allegiance have to show for it?”

Apparently the ‘explanation’ of the campaign was received well, but the designs were what really got people riled up. As some tweets suggested, people called the campaign designs horrendous, and that it portrayed something very wrong at first glance. But why were people confused?

The shirts in this ‘Yeezy’ special collection have the words ‘Blexit’ emblazoned across the chest. The campaign website says that Kanye is involved in the campaign directly, but Kanye refused to comment on these views complete. We supposed the cellular reception in his tree house may be a little weak, or maybe he’s just being his usual self.

Black Twitter Has Words For Kanye’s New Song Showing His Support Trump
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5 thoughts on “Kanye West Calls For Black People To ‘Blexit’ The Democratic Party

  1. Passing Through!! on said:

    Everyone should realize by now that Kanye is mentally ill, I’m not even offended by his antics anymore. Wasn’t he just in Chicago lending his support to a black democrat candidate? You’re trying to push a political message while getting paid selling t-shirts….GTFOH!!! He’s trying to tell blacks to “Blexit” the democratic party and offering nothing constructive in return except putting on a red MAGA hat. What he’s doing right now is more damaging to the black race than the Democratic or RepubliKKKan Party. We had a Black president who passed universal healthcare, saved the economy, the poverty rate for African Americans fell faster in 2015 than in any year since 1999, the real median income of black households increased by 4.1 percent between 2014 and 2015. And you still have dumb MF’s taking talking points from racist and are too stupid and hung on the white man’s word to do their own research. This Buffoonish ni**a married to a white whore and admitted that he didn’t even vote trying to tell black people how to vote, if that isn’t a joke right there.

    • @ Passing Through: I agree with 99% of what u expressed regarding KoonYe EXCEPT going after or offending his wife. That is beneath U. Man goes after man. It’s beneath a Man to attack a woman. A Gentleman never attacks a woman. It’s uncivilized to attack a woman. Note, in the Scriptures Jesus never attacked the harlot & his tenderness toward the harlot.

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    The Democratic Party is slightly better than the republiklans. Black folks need to be aggressive about getting something in return for their votes. They can still negotiate with the Democratic Party; look at that fat orange pig’s cabinet and who he selects for his administration. There are maybe two brown people in his entire administration. That racist will have zero if Uncle Ben gets out of line. Paris Denard and others for all their cooning aren’t offered jobs. #45 don’t value their black opinion or advice. So Blexit Kanye. Does he really think conscious black people en masse should turn to the party of the Orange fat puppet? White people always get dumb black folk to do their dirty work. Kanye is that dummy.

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