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A former Cleveland-area judge who spent nine months in prison for beating his wife at the time is now a suspect in her stabbing death over the weekend and is likely to be charged, authorities said Monday.

Police said in court documents the ex-judge who also served in the state legislature was fleeing the scene of a homicide in which he was the suspect when he slammed his SUV into a patrol cruiser.

Lance Mason was charged Monday with felonious assault in the crash, and has now been arrested and charged in his former wife’s death, police in Shaker Heights, a Cleveland suburb, said.

Officers found Aisha Fraser dead on Saturday.

In a 911 call, Mason’s sister described how he was covered in blood and pacing inside his home. “He stabbed her and he said she’s dead,” Lynn Mason told a dispatcher.

Both Mason and a police officer responding to a reported domestic dispute were injured when Mason’s SUV hit the cruiser near the scene of the fatal stabbing, police said.

Mason ran from the crash, but was taken into custody, police told He was being held without bond.

The Ohio Supreme Court last year indefinitely suspended Mason’s law license after he was sentenced to prison for assaulting Fraser inside a car while their two young daughters sat in the back seat.

Authorities say the couple was separated at the time in 2014 and that Mason repeatedly struck and bit his wife. He pleaded guilty to felonious assault and domestic violence.

Mason was a judge at the time of his arrest and had been on the bench six years. Before that, he was elected to both the Ohio House and Senate.

Mason was hired last year by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson to work in the city’s minority business development office.

Jackson said he fired Mason after he was taken into custody Saturday. The mayor on Monday defended his decision to hire Mason despite his past problems.

Officials said Fraser worked in Shaker Heights Schools for 16 years and most recently taught at Woodbury Elementary School. Several hundred people gathered at the school Monday night for a vigil, WKYC-TV reported.


Shaker Heights Superintendent Stephen Wilkins said in a statement that Fraser was a devoted mother and a committed teacher. A GoFundMe account has been set up for Fraser Mason’s daughters.


Associated Press writer Andrew Welsh-Huggins in Columbus contributed.

PHOTO: Aisha Mason/Facebook



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10 thoughts on “Shaker Heights Ex-Judge Charged In Wife’s Murder

  1. HEY WILL JUSTICE BE SERVED remember this is a PISS POOR PIECE OF SHIT BROTHER JUDGE and they take care of there own just like the POLICE<we will see how time he gets for MURDERING that BEAUTIFUL SISTER.He NEEDS to be put UNDER THE JAIL because that's where DIRTY" MURDEROUS DOGS BELONG"LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE and let him think abt the HURT he has caused his Daughters until his FINAL PUNISHMENT is DECREED and that is FOREVER IN BURNING HELL.

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    Domestic Violence is real. The problem is the crooked system. Women that are subjected to real physical and mental violence must be protected. The system has to think through custodial arrangements. Very often, even if the man beats the crap out of a woman, the family court will still allow that man to visit his children. This is a real problem and some of our brothers are following their white overseers; if I can’t have her, no one will. This joker was a judge. Even after he abused his wife, he still landed a great job. That just goes to show that domestic violence in our court system against women isn’t taken seriously. What a farce. He beat the crap out of his wife a few years ago in front of his girls and only served a few months in jail. If he would have beat a white woman or man the way he beat his wife, he would still be behind bars screaming about injustice. This man robbed his own daughters of their mom. His hatred for Aisha was stronger than the love for his own children. Weak b…. I hope this is a death penalty case. He should no longer be able to see his daughters. Keep them far away and allow them to heal.

    • No. Women (and men) who are subjected to mental and physical violence must protect themselves. Police are just minutes away when seconds count. The faster we learn this lesson, the better.

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