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Jermaine Jackson has been ordered to pay $2,500 per month in spousal support to his estranged wife, Halima Rashid, until they figure out the details of their divorce, reports The Blast. 

Jackson was also ordered to pay support dating back to June 1, 2018, meaning he owes her another $10,000. The judge said Jackson can pay that back by shelling out $2,000 a month until he is paid in full.

Jackson and Rashid tied the knot in 2004 and have no children together.

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4 thoughts on “Jermaine Jackson Ordered To Pay $2,500 A Month In Spousal Support

  1. Let me be clear, and I hope this comment gains national attention. To everyone and entity who has removed Bill Cosby’s name from their foundation walls, give back all the money he donated to help you grow and succeed.

    To the Judge who unsealed the initial sexual harassment record so that the law could pursue criminal charges against Bill Cosby, Shame on you, you just taught America that the Justus system can do what ever it likes as long as a Judge gets a MORALITY attack.

    To all the women who came after Bill Cosby, it is amazing you waited years latter until you were old, ugly, and broke to file your claim.

    In one high profile case a woman even implied if it gets me a Grammy one day I play. Women push the envelope then if the deal fails to close they run to the me too movement.

    Most basket ball players brag of 100’s of women at any given time yet you put Bill Cosby in Jail and sham him. How about a little due process, ever thought some women not a LADIES bring this on them selves by intent.

  2. tedgravely on said:

    That’s what he gets. Should have stayed with fine Hazel Gordy. This fool really thinks these women find him desirable. Those women are unknown, on the come up, and want his contacts and access. That brother is still living in the 80s/90s with that curl. Can you imagine the pillow cases in that house? It’s a shame they stopped wanting to be black. That’s when the entire Family was beautiful. Lost, but their lives. Let me live my weekend.

  3. He doesn’t have that type of money. Maybe Janet will take his call and help him, but wait a minute Randy is in her ear. Sorry Jermaine, you are out of luck. Wonder what that young tenderoni is thinking now. Broke, old and still married. Now he has to pay spousal support….girl you’ve got yourself a winner!

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