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LeBron James is all about positivity and uplifting others these days.

On Wednesday he decided to celebrate the many Black women who are on the cover of coveted September issues of magazines, including the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Tracee Ellis Ross and more.

“Nothing in this world is more POWERFUL than Colored Women!!” he wrote. “Thank you all for continuing to not settle and setting great examples in life for so many looking up to you for inspiration/guidance and love!! My daughter is watching! #WomenPower



Of course those who aren’t part of the Black girl magic squad had something to say…

“It’s been my reality all women have endured oppression. He’s a huge public figure in the US. I wish he used this status for all women and he didn’t.”

“You can love yourself and not put down women of other races. And guess what there are more than just black and whites women so please don’t pretend that only white women would be insulted by this. It’s sad that you all now do to others what you didn’t want done to yourselves. We are all children of God and equal in the eyes of the Lord. ALL women are powerful, if they choose to be.”

“I’m sure he didn’t mean anything bad and he just used wrong wording. Using THE MOST means there’s nothing equal or better aka it’s lesser. If he said SO POWERFULL or something it would be an awesome post celebrating colored women without diminishing others.”

“Imagine if a white guy posted this about white women.”

“WHY IS IT ABOUT COLORED WOMEN!!? Please someone tell me how colored women are any better than white women? All women who set good examples and are good parents are GREAT people and GREAT women. Singling out color to make them seem better as aposed to non colored women is a sham. You say colored women are POWERFUL but then use a hashtag of women power. Your not advertising women power by only talking about 1 race of women. Fix these movements please.”


And even more shocking was a comment left from a Black man in opposition to LeBron’s statement:

“Shiiiiddd ni–a speak for yourself. Aside from my mom who is a strong woman who happens to be African American, I had caucasian women look out for me too. Not to mention I date white women. Strong women come in all shapes and sizes. But I was raised around multiple cultures that helped not just one. Everyone is different. I had to throw that in there.”

LeBron hasn’t responded to the controversy, and it’s probably because this is nothing new for him. Back in 2016, he received some ire for celebrating the accomplishments of Simone Biles and Simone Manuel at the Olympics in Rio.

“Simone + Simone = Gold!!!” he wrote at the time. “Congrats young Queens!! Truly inspiring for so many especially young black girls. My daughter was watching with me.”




200 thoughts on “LeBron James Celebrates Black Women And White Women Are Not Happy

  1. Wow I have to look up to james he went against everything I know of black man in well accomplish positions. Thank you beautiful black man for loving yourself your family and us. It good to see a black men who is not user st spells my black daughter is also watching

  2. In response to the lunatic Ibrahim on September 7, 2018:

    Hey “Ibrahim” I don’t think so! Go back to the hole you crawled out of. No one enslaves anyone in the United States. Get out of this country!!

    Ibrahim on September 7, 2018 at 11:50 pm said:
    Your mother is a slave like you . You white people are monkeys . Soon we will enslave all white Americans.

  3. The operative phrase is “colored women.” This could mean the spectrum of colors. If one considers oneself to be a color, then this statement should not be offensive .

  4. Class is King on said:

    Women of color is across the board not black or white . Next the so called white women are feminist most women of color believe in strong families and the union of men and women .

  5. As black people we have always been in the back, everything that our ancestors have tried to do have been taken an reassign to someone who didnt accomplished anything. Any ody should be able to celebrate their race at any giving time without people trying to make it a race thing, I’m pretty sure white men think their white women is the most powerful in this world as well and so be it.. King Jamea keep celebrating your queens and keep reminding them how inportant they are.. We need to worry about the racism that’s going on in the white house amongst themselves, cus theirs not to many Black people in the white house.. Let’s all get along and long one another as Jesue would have liked

  6. I really don’t think he’s excluding any other race of women he’s just saying black women because black women for so long have been ignored years ago you would never see a black woman on the front of a magazine

  7. I’m going to upload a video on YouTube about this AWESOME statement of inclusion LeBron has posted. Notice he said Colored, so if anyone can not read or understand that includes women of many backgrounds then your misinterpretation has caused hatred, anger, fear and some of your other TRUE feelings that you buried but it’s now bubbling to the surface. Some of you cannot stand Black women and your vile comments reflect that. Respect our Queens! If you found LeBron’s post anything but amazing then you are the REAL racist. He said nothing wrong. Get out of the way you haters, positivity is speeding through the Galaxy. Peace and One Love! – Zach Van Harris JR (on YouTube)

  8. Adam M Coleman on said:

    First of all hes calibrating black women all black women….Hes not racist. It’s about time our beautiful black women be celebrated. If the white women get offended oh well. It’s not about them . White people think it’s all about them. It’s time they realize it’s not about them. We as a race has come a long way. We’re educated and successful .Its time that our black wome be recognized for their accomplishments. The hell with the white women if they get upset. Get over it.

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  10. Why must we as a whole makes issues out of what people say. 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech. So each one of us has a right to speak and say what we want correct? Then why do we have people who are trying to tell us what to say and how to say it. You don’t have to agree with what he said but you don’t have the right to tell him he shouldn’t said that. IJS.

  11. John M. Pearson on said:

    Everything is politics and politics is everything! If white women as so concerned about being dissed why did they put that Male witch/Warlock in the “white” house? Lucy got some splaining to do!

    • John M. Pearson on said:

      Everything is politics and politics is everything! If white women as so concerned about being dissed why did they put that Male witch/Warlock in the “white” house? Lucy got some splaining to do!

    • And if we do not speak of ourselves, it is someone running their mouth. They will get over it; if truth, I do not think most white women care because they know the truth and what Lebron said needed to be said.

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  13. Freedom on said:

    LeBron’s only mentioning Black women doesn’t mean he has something against other women. He is singling out black women because we still, too often, don’t get noticed and don’t get a seat at the power table. Yes, all women still struggle, but in my experience, I have seen White women and women of other races get into powerful positions and have seen very few black women reach the same level. In my city, only 5% of the top companies have women in the position of CEO, CFO or similar. Guess how many of those are black women? None. I totally understand that he wants his daughter to have role models. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just look up to women. We need to have women who look like us, for us to truly see equality in diversity.

    • So true. And we need to stop thinking everything is fair just because we are all women (white women could walk through the front door and had rights when black women did not/could not go to the front as well as in all other profession. Even as minorites, there are unequality. Some people will treat Asians betters than blacks and latinos.

  14. Nikki Nu on said:

    The sad part is the negative feed back to this awesome quote, Why do we assume (Colored) is only for Black Women. This could have been wrote with all women in mind. If we could stop looking at people as a color, and start looking at each other is a individual.

    • Armando Ramos on said:

      He’s a racist. I’m Hispanic and our women are powerful, brave as well. All women should be commended, treated right, loved, encouraged and taught to be all they can be. Racist remarks like his are what keep dividing our country. What an IMBICILE. Like black women are better than any other women. Yeah right. I don’t think so. The same, yes, better, NO.

      • vdabney722 on said:

        Are you kidding? You need to calm down, brother. LeBron didn’t say black women are superior to any other women, just like I don’t think you’re saying that Hispanic women are better. In fact, as quiet as it’s been kept, I’ve always thought Hispanic women WERE “colored” women. At least all the ones I know are.

      • First of all, learn the meaning of what a racist (what race has Lebron and blacks OPPRESS). What lebron is trying to do is to uplift his race of women who are often the LAST to get treated with respect and who look like his daughter. Instead of you worrying about what lebron is saying to uplift HIS community (yall complain about blacks do doing for each other when it comes to crime, etc yet you are also complaining when one is trying to uplift his community and women. who are blacks suppose to wait to uplift us? Hispanics, whites, and Asians, etc? Give me a break. None of them have done it this far.

      • Patricia A. Williams on said:

        Why shouldn’t he praise black women? His mother is black..and raised him as a single parent. Anytime someone says they are proud of the black race…other races have the nerve to be upset! Are you kidding me! Far as you go Ramos…did your ancestors come up from over 300yrs of slavery? I think not, you have NO idea of the constant struggle black women have, will are sons & daughters come home tonight..if not killed by other blacks or the POLICE! Are they killing hispanics? No, and be glad you don’t have to go through this every dam week!!

      • Phyllis Moodie on said:

        he is celebrating Black Women period he is not s racist or seperatist….he is just expressing positive energy that black women rarely get.The negative and arrogant individual responses are ridiculous and telling of the envy black women deal with at every level…

      • That is the problem right there. The one time I can say that I have heard a celebrity exalt black women and it’s an issue. I do not have a problem with my Caucasian or Hispanic sisters, but in today’s world men calibrate lighter skinned women all of the time. The one time this man says ” colored women” and it’s an issue. All women should be made to feel like they are beautiful, but whenever you hear something in the news media about a black woman it has to be degrading and demoralizing. My daughter and myself deserve to hear every now and again” black woman you are beautiful”.

      • He’s only mentioning black women because black women have been ignored for so long black women never made it to the cover of anything and now they are it’s about time

      • Can you READ, Armando? If so, point out where Lebron said anything negative about any other group of women. He was simply praising BLACK women. Last time I checked that wasn’t a crime. The fact that you’re turning this into something racial speaks more about and against YOU than it does Lebron.

    • MODST people love it. Only TROLLS want to say something negative and those are the same people/trolls who may trash and degrade blacks. I pay them no mind. They do not matter, never did.

  15. Kristen on said:

    Bless him. He’s my fave sports star ever. Not only is he extremely talented but he’s also an all around great person with a great head on his shoulders and good morals. May God continue to bless him and his beautiful family.

  16. Eileen on said:

    Now that Trader James has left Cleveland I will go back to watching the Cavaliers. He wasn’t the only person who was on the TEAM. I admire many black woman, but there are so many women of every race, creed and religion that have contributed to society. Why is it that no one talks about the genocide of Native Americanspeakers and why aren’t they celebratedon’t in their country. When we start doing that, then I will think that we have made some progress.

    • vdabney722 on said:

      “Trader James”. Did you mean “Traitor”? I find this penchant Ohioans have for condemning LeBron for playing in other cities Very Odd. Name 5–No, 2 successful athletes who have spent their ENTIRE careers in their home towns. In fact, I’ll bet you can’t name ONE. Why does LeBron have to stay in Akron? He’s a grown man and can do what he wants. BTW, I’ve been to Akron, So……

      • I agree. Her comment seem to be more about jealousy that Lebron is a success and move on to bigger and better things than the issue at hand.

    • Then you need to talk to the native American community about that FIRST. Once again, if you are waiting on another race to give you your props, it aint going to happen. This is why Pride COMES FROM WITH FIRST. Yes, all groups are beautiful be we have a black man from a black woman who often the last to get treated with respect by SOCIETY including other minorities who wants to talk great about his race of women. If you are native American, you do the same for YOURS.

  17. Steve Carter on said:

    Keep up the good work L.J., nothing wrong with good advice to our beautiful black sisters. I love my queen everyday. You do the same. Peace brother.

  18. The real truth on said:

    Every time I hear someone say African-American I can’t help but think just how ignorant that person is because there’s no such thing as an African-American you’re either American or you’re African you’re not African American. 99% of the people that claim their African American in America are true Americans because they were born in America their Heritage comes from Africa but there an American. Does that mean if your family is Irish but you are born in America youre an Irish American no you don’t hear people say that you hear people say I’m an American or I live in Ireland and I’m Irish only this race can create a whole new race bracket ignorance at its finest.

    • The real truth, you sound stupid and ignorant. If someone wants to call themselves African American, he/she can. Who cares if an Irish decent thinks. If you see yourself as what you see, that is you. I know people who call themselves Irish Americans who are born and raised in America. To me, I LOVE the term African American (without the hyphen) because One represent the ETHNIC I mostly represent and American is the country I was born in. So to me, I WEAR TWO CROWNS. I love the term better than the term BLACK-which origin meaning is evil, bad, darkness, fear, etc BUT we when james brown popularize it made being black ok. So we can find fault in all of it. I love the term. deal with it

      • And AMERICA still does NOT treat blacks/African American equally yet. So again, some people can find fault in being call American if they choose if you want to get in detail about the issue.

  19. I believe I understand what James was trying to do — praise the accomplishments of black women; however, he could have accomplished that without denigrating women who do not fall in that category he was attempting to praise. Common sense and reality dictates that there are accomplished women of all races.

    • See, that is the problem. When it comes to other women, those women get compare to black women BUT when someone points out our beauty, then everyone wants to bring others in. That is why BLACK LIVES MATTER came about. We were IGNORED while others were NOT and as usual, some want to twist it and make it about everyone who were ALREADY “mattered” when blacks were not. Sorry, it wont work no more. Blacks are speaking up.

    • He didn’t denigrate ANYONE. He praised his own! If you have a problem with THAT…your issue is bigger than Lebron. Go to any drug store and visit the magazine section. 99 percent of those publications feature a WHITE women…as if other races of women don’t exist. Where is your complaint about THAT?

  20. Yasssss!! Society tries so hard to diminish black women and our accomplishments, and act as if we don’t matter. His statement wasn’t made to diss white women,it was meant to praise black queens!! But because the narrative is focused on black women, whom society tries to ignore and act as if we are unimportant, and because the greatest basketball player in the world, decided to give us a platform, they wanted to find fault in his praise because they never want black women stealing the spotlight. BTW it is amazing to see a black king with his black queen and take care of his children, opening schools for the youth and just dominating his career!! LeBron, you are doing amazing sweetie! I hope some of these other black men take note of where that strength derives ✨

  21. MamaJae on said:

    Thank you Lebron,
    I have been married 31 years, I am educated, strong, beautiful, worthy, and truly grounded in the love of God. I have raised 3 of my own plus 5 extended neices and nephews, they’re all doing great things. I am and have always been proud of you and your wife loving and being friends with each other. I had the opportunity to meet you and your kids in miami during an AAU tournament this past summer and I must say your kids are very humble and respectful. Keep doing and being your own self, appreciating what you to have been molded by. A Strong, Black Woman. This doesn’t discredit all other races, this is his way of simply saying thank you to us, his wife, and mom for all that we stand for. We hope to give you all a better challange next summer. MamaJae from Orlando

  22. PATRICIA JACKSON on said:

    We can celebrate our own you know. Just because we have those funky ass 28 days in February, means we have to stop there. Other races say we don’t love ourselves enough, and as soon as we start appreciating our own, someone has something to say. Just shut the hell up and celebrate your damn self!! Tired of this foolishness!! He has said something about all women previously, now he’s stating black women. STHU

  23. Thank you Labron James I have a 15teen year old and yes they are watching my daughter and I talk all the time about being a beautiful talented African American person dont ever let anyone tell you,you can’t and you Labron are also a wonderful role model thank you for the beautiful SCHOOL

    • Joel pierce on said:

      Thank you lebron for showing everyone that black people can be just as racist as white people (it comes out, your just allowed to say it in public) the only problem is from what all of you are saying it just devides us even more. So now if white people come out and say that white people are powerful and great leaving out other races, then by these comments that is ok. If you want to be equal than be equal. Don’t say and do things to keep driving a wedge… just think if this was reversed how you truly would feel (if your honest)

      • Michael Middleton on said:

        Your ignorance will never allow you nor your brand to understand that Blacks are only “reacting” to White’s hundreds of years of inhumane BS. the wedge was driven from “your” demon-possessed greedy forefathers.


  25. Holly Hill on said:

    Around the year 2056 (or less) there will be “no” white person that can say they are 100% of the white Caucasian European race. There won’t be anymore white people.

  26. William T. Rogers on said:

    And just how long has it been that white women have been singled out in all areas of life, models, actresses, etc., glorified as the epitome of beauty and strength. So LeBron points out a fact that all black men and women should know: Indeed, Black Women are as worthy of idolization and praise as White Women. And why is it that I, and others like me who are white, understand perfectly what LeBron is saying? Get Real Here! If you ‘white women’ want to complain about something, there are MANY issues that are worthy of your attention. Such as the ‘mysoginist, woman-hating, chauvinistic president, to begin with.

  27. Goodbye evil white people!! You are definitely becoming extinct! The Russians can’t help you with this one. Make no doubt the russians are on this forum, just spreading hate and division. The funny thing is, there are enough white people here doing it already. Hat’s off to the good white people, I hope they can stay.

  28. It shows one’s ingorance, when any woman regardless of color, that tells another race of women to kick rocks. I believe e can safely say, who the racist is.there are great women of every race. White women do not have the luxry of hovt help for housing and food. I respect anyone who respects me.

    • Michael Middleton on said:

      There are trailer parks across the nation full of White women on government assistance. Visit the Appalachians. Stop fooling yourself because your lies certainly don’t convince us!

    • You need to stop drinking the bad water, Keith g. You do know that WELFARE was created BY and FOR WHITE FOLKS, don’t you? It was part of the New Deal. And to this very day there are more of YOU on welfare than there are black people. LOOK IT UP, dear. You may actually learn something…other than what FOX tells you.

  29. PROUDWHITE on said:

    Haa ..TRUTH is YOU Negros are laughable. 300 YEARS, and ALL you have is BASKETBALL! INFERIOR Race then..Inferior Race now.

    • J. A-M on said:

      A new school year is upon us. As a black, female educator I wonder how many white males will take the lives of innocent people in our schools across America? So who really is the hurting race?

      Anyway, kudos to LJ. Hopefully he is faithful to his queen. That would be a great tribute to her and all black women.

      • Someone, commented on White’s shooting school’s. Yes it is most definitely wrong. Let’s research black on black crime. 10 times amount of blacks killed by another black. Just in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Washington DC versus police shootings. ..aa

    • no, your a44 is the inferior one if all you think blacks have is basketball. get out of the trailer park and educate yourself troll.

    • U r not proud, u r ignorant. Go back to your kkk page and spew your hatred there. U R NOT WANTED HERE AND YOU KNOW IT. HELL I DON;T THINK YOU ARE WANTED ANY WHERE. THE LIBRARY ALSO JUST SAID YOUR TIME ON THE COMPUTER IS UP…LOL. BOY BYE….

  30. PROUDWHITE on said:

    Does he EVER mention a STRONG BLACK FATHER”? Oh, that’s right..MOST Blacks have no idea WHO that is Spare us the BS , that BLACK women are so much better. FACT is..Take away SPORTS, and MOST of YOUR Black “men” are in PRISON or DEAD. Wait..THAT IS ..CHICAGO.TOKEN obama is GONE, and so is his MAN “Wife”. RACE CARD is DEAD, get a LIFE..LOSERS.


    • What EXACTLY do you have to be “PROUD” of?? Your people have committed some of the world’s greatest crimes and you have the audacity to talk about black people? You better learn your history before doing that! Who stole land and people? Your people! Who is shooting up schools, CHURCHES, concerts, night clubs, clinics, movie theaters and the like? YOUR people. Given your history you really don’t have ANYTHING to be proud of. Go back to your trailer and drink with your dad…who I’m sure is probably your brother. Prick.

  31. ANThony on said:

    I’m TeamMIKE when it come to the GOAT convo…but time and time again LBJ proves himself a better PERSON off the court.

  32. Kenneth Willis on said:

    You’re right stan, completely and I agree with you. You are THE MAIN EXAMPLE OF IGNORANCE in today’s society. The other part you got right is that MAN …….. That MAN is a basketball player and an overall decent and giving person. He doesn’t have to be an authority ( next time spell authority right you idiot 😉 ) on ANYTHING to do the right things in life, I’m betting that you have come nowhere near that BASKETBALL PLAYER’S accomplishments in your sorry life but yet you feel the need to try and demean his comments about OUR BLACK QUEENS. I got news for you and all the rest of you ignorant racist IDIOTS posting on this issue ………. NOT NOW ….. NOT TOMORROW ….. NOT … EVER ….. WILL I / WE STOP PRAISING OUR BLACK QUEENS FOR ALL THAT THEY DO BY STANDING BY US AND SUPPORTING US AND NURTURING US AND FOR TAKING ALL THE ABUSE THAT IS HURLED AT THEM CONSTANTLY BY EVERYBODY AND STILL STANDING TALL BEING THE QUEENS THAT THEY ARE. Am I shouting you ask? HELL YEAH , TO THE WORLD I’LL SHOUT!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael Middleton on said:

      Amen, I’m SHOUTING AND SCREAMING AND YELLING with you Kenneth. Although they’ll never get it due to their ethnocentric values.

    • First what Black Queens???? There aren’t any Queens in the USA; nor Kings; other than ball players… 2nd, show me all the supposed upset White women!!!!! LOL… 3rd, he plays a game…. When they don’t threat him like a king, he moves on, and leaves them high and dry, just like Miami, Cleveland, and give him a couple years; L.A. hahahaha, I’m just so mad… LOL

  33. Wildcat@13 on said:

    Wilt Chamberlain said it best years ago in his book. “White women have more class than black women”……. nuff said

  34. Sum Yung Gai on said:

    Ah, yes, the White feminist outrage again when Black women are finally focused on. And they wonder why so many Black women voted for Barack Obama in the ’08 Democratic Primary instead of Hillary Clinton. It seems that if the focus of “women’s issues” isn’t White females, then they get outraged.

    White feminists, listen up: YOU DO NOT REPRESENT ALL WOMEN, despite your arrogant belief that you do. You have repeatedly denigrated, ignored, and insulted your Black sisters, and you don’t even view them *as* your sisters. You never have. And your visceral fear and hatred of me as a Black man is something I’ve known for years. For those reasons, you lost the support that you once had from me.

    So, in this case, right on, LeBron. Right on. Do praise your mother. Do praise your wife and daughter. The White feminsits sure aren’t going to do it, and they’re afraid of you, so I think you’re doing the right thing here, Sir.

  35. Marjorie Kepler on said:

    I am a 72 year old white woman who loves LeBron (even as a Laker) and was not at all insulted that he praised these African-American women. Would it have been better if he didn’t praise celebrities? Probably. But pride in his race and pride in women who are like his mother, his wife and daughter is one of the reasons I respect him. Keep on being who you are James, set the example for the rest of us humans.

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