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A Baltimore police officer was caught on video having stopped a Black man at a Kohl’s without probable cause last week. A clip showing what happened when John Holt, 24, appeared to be harassed by an officer while doing nothing but simply walking through a store while Black. The video has been viewed more than 720,000 times as of Tuesday morning.

The footage is the latest to capture an incident between police and people of color that has raised more questions about racial profiling.

Holt was confronted by Officer H.R. Persuhn, who is white, on Thursday when the officer said he recognized Holt from prior encounters. Persuhn asked Holt, who was with his fiancée, for identification to see if there was a warrant for his arrest. Holt asked the officer why he had been stopped before saying that he was being harassed by Persuhn, who maintained that he was “doing his job,” according to The Baltimore Sun. Persuhn, who was with another officer, wrongfully tried to paint Holt as a criminal and disputed facts about a prior case involving the man. The officer also aggressively patronized Holt, telling him to stop talking loudly while getting in his face in the incident captured by Holt’s fiancée on video.

“Every Where I Go He Harass Me,” Holt wrote on Facebook before referring to Baltimore County police department’s history of racially biased policing and misconduct. “It Not Fair That They Can Do What They Want It Gotta Be Something I can Do Bout This plz Share An Show The World How Disrespectfully Baltimore county Police are to us Blacks.”

Many incidents between police officers and people of color are videotaped via an officer’s body camera, a police car dash camera or with cell phones used by bystanders or witnesses. The video of Holt’s encounter with the officer goes to show that the young man was stopped for no credible reason.

Persuhn had recognized Holt from a previous court appearance, Holt said. Regardless if Persuhn wanted to argue with Holt, the man was a legal shopper at the store and did nothing to warrant the harassment. The incident ended with Persuhn getting clearance that Holt had no warrants against him, and the man walked away vindicated. Incidents like this one, however, are exactly the kind that leads to people of color being brutalized or killed as officers say that they were resisting authority.


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8 thoughts on “Video: Baltimore Cop Racially Profiles Black Shopper Who Posed Absolutely No Threat

  1. Ex sleeper on said:

    And so what are we gonna do about it! or is this another race baiting article meant for a mindless response Clarissa. We know this goes on and we also know this is an old video from youtube. Next time follow up as to what happened as a result, you know, something newsworthy!

  2. Ex sleeper on said:

    But no one ever mentions the 80% violent and non violent pediphilia rate among non white hispanic males according the FBI stats. Maybe we should to remind them that shit stinks, no matter what the color.

    • We don’t commit 90% of the crime. We are arrested more, indicated more, convicted more and senteced longer. Too many studies have proven blacks are senteced longer for committing the same crime. Black drug addicts are criminalized while white addicts have mental health issues.

      • That is so true. If a lot more people read and understand what they reading it is very clear what going on today and has been for a long time.

  3. tedgravely on said:

    That pissed me off. Young man, do more than post this video. Contact your nearest ACLU or NAACP Chapter. They should assist you with obtaining counsel. I almost forgot – Marry that woman quick. She had your back at court and with this tyrant. To the young lady, cook him what he wants. That brother said, “don’t talk to her like that.” Ladies see what a man will do for you. He would have knuckled up on that tyrant. I digress…….. Also don’t ever let them tell you to lower your voice and point his finger in your face. You’re not his child or wife. Tell them your voice is elevated because you fear for your life. So called law enforcement officers kill more people than terrorists. That is how you talk when you fear for your life. You should fear for your life if he keeps approaching you. The other thing you can do is go to the court yourself and file for a protective order. Tell them you fear for your life and this officer is always harassing you. Show them the video. That way if another incident happens with him or his idiot partner you will have decent grounds for a civil lawsuit against the department and city.

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