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In this classic video, Tom Joyner sits down with the late Marvin Gaye to discuss a variety of topics including his move to Europe, his thoughts on money, that memorable National Anthem rendition, and much more.




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13 thoughts on “Tom Joyner Interviews Marvin Gaye [WATCH]

  1. Mr Soul on said:

    What you people don’t understand that this man was going a suffer from depression bipolar and chewing the gum help him . Because he had a fear of performing and being interview. So leave the genius alone

  2. Deidre Morrison on said:

    It couldn’t have been me!!! That gum!!! I would’ve snatched it out of his mouth!! I love you Marvin, but DAMN!

  3. pac4me on said:

    That gum chewing got on my ever loving last nerves, but when Tom asked him about his suicide attempt – the look on Marvin’s face was priceless and said it all “NO YOU DIDN’T”

  4. Ricky T on said:

    Who is that interviewing Marvin…now that’s the the real question and comment Tom J. Thanks brother for all you have done and continue to do.

  5. Mr.B on said:

    Between him smacking on that gum and the line of questions, I don’t know what was more annoying….lol… but other than that, enjoyed looking back in time. Both were and are my boys.

  6. Saturn on said:

    Wow! Priceless Interview!!!! I’m glad Tom Joyner got the opportunity to interview The Great Marvin Gaye!!! His rendition of The National Anthem is the Best One! Thank you for sharing!!!!

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