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In this #RussRant, Russ Parr reacts to former president Bill Clinton revealing that he do not apologize to Monica Lewinsky.

3 thoughts on “#RussRant: Bill Clinton Choosing Not To Apologize To Monica Lewinsky

  1. !!! When, then, will America say that it is time to put an end to recursive tragedies on pupils who have become eternal terrified without help even under the benches of their class; Wake up, the concerned citizens of the star emblem, not only as parents but also as rebellious to cry over the actions of the mischievous! If each of us must have a suggestion, mine is this: On behalf of my three graduating children from different universities, from which the government may seem too budgeted to deal with this emergency! But on our part, ”we must have the desire to volunteer at the main entering of each community institution to better check the bags of school children and, select available teachers or remarkable followers of their behavior for this service, so noble in the manner of Baden Powell, to at least restore the confidence of the soul and spirit of those innocent people who are aware of having however accepted to fulfill the duties of the stars and stripes! “Wake up, American citizens! Because the ocean is outrageously wide so as not to be traumatized by small boats erupting !!! – Versaint

  2. The Truth on said:

    Okay miss not being stupid we know he could not apologize to her one-on-one so the only way he could apologize to her is through the media which is what he did several times okay what’s wrong with this picture 20 years ago again another distraction from Stormy and Trump I mean look at all these storylines man let’s get to the bottom of the real issues. Monica Monica Lewinsky okay and that’s another thing Monica Lewinsky wasn’t a baby I mean come on she knew Clinton was a married man he knew he was a President 20 years ago how many times we going to rehash this issue! I mean concerned needs to be what’s going on in the white house right now can’t nobody else touches but that bully in the white house that’s what we need to be concerned about what’s going on in that white house The Hill is so nasty and so dirty so filthy so corrupt that’s where Our Focus needs to be. NOT Something happened 20 years ago move on!!!

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