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Buffalo Wild Wings Exterior In Jacksonville

Source: Rick Diamond / Getty

After having their Twitter account hacked with a flurry of racist tweets sent as a result, officials from Buffalo Wild Wings are apologizing to the public.

“We’re sorry,” the Minneapolis-based company wrote in a statement, adding “the awful posts… obviously did not come from us.”

They also said that they had been “in touch with our Twitter representatives and will pursue the appropriate action against the individuals involved.”

The tweets in question were sent on Friday (June 1) to their nearly 700,000 followers that included “the N-word, a crude comment about a “secret recipe” ingredient at the restaurant and an offensive swipe at popular US food chain Wendy’s,” BBC News reported.

Thankfully, the offensive tweets weren’t up very long.

This is the second controversy the franchise has had to deal with in the past week.

According to KPLC News, an unidentified man went to one of the chain’s locations in Lake Charles, La., and ordered some wings. When he got his order he saw his receipt, which read, “For Homeless Fuck! Let sit + get gross” on the top of the receipt read with the words “I love you” handwritten across it.

After showing other customers the receipt and filing a complaint, regional Manager Ray Rhodes announced that the employees involved would fired and that the man would receive free wings for a year, a free hotel room and a gift card to Wal-Mart to get himself some clothes.








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