With diverse representation and inclusion consistently being issues at the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry, it’s always great to hear when a new brand emerges that celebrates both. Black-owned beauty brands unfortunately still trail their white counterparts in terms of sheer numbers, however more are popping up these days and major retailers are taking notice—and Target is the latest to do so.



If you’re a true beauty fanatic or insider, you may have heard of The Lip Bar, but even if you haven’t heard of the brand yet you certainly will because it has just made its debut on Target shelves. As reported by Allure, The Lip Bar is a fully black-owned beauty brand that strives for inclusivity for complexions that may otherwise be overlooked by other mainstream beauty brands.

Via Allure:

[The Lip Bar] was created by former Wall Street financial analyst Melissa Butler after she spent years frustrated that women like her weren’t widely represented in the beauty industry. “Everyone deserves to have representation. Without it, we are left seeking validation,” Butler said in a statement about the brand. While in the brand’ early beginnings Butler presented The Lip Bar to ‘Shark Tank,’ the sharks slept on the brand, missing out on what’s now worth nearly close to half a million.

Butler’s determination to push her vision to the next level despite being rejected on Shark Tank is exactly the kind of tenacity needed to make lasting change. While women of color have been screaming about diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry for years, it appears that the masses are finally listening, thanks to brands like Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, which certainly has a lot of major beauty brands feeling the competition.


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The Lip Bar has come a long way from making lipstick in my kitchen in 2012. Two years ago I emailed the buyer of Target and pitched them. I felt like my customers are shopping were shopping there for haircare, not for makeup. . . And Today I’m pleased to announce that THIS SUNDAY, FEB 18TH, THE LIP BAR WILL BE LAUNCHING IN SELECT TARGET STORES ( some stores may already be stocked). To make it extra special for you all, we’re launching with TWO EXCLUSIVE SHADES (Baddie lipgloss AND Unimpressed liquid matte)! . . Please check out the store locator on our website to see if there’s a store near you. We’re in large cities like NYC, Atlanta, Philly, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Charlotte. . THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE SUPPORT OVER THE YEARS. NOW LET’S SHOW TARGET WHAT WE CAN DO!

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If you’ve ever made a Target run, and really who hasn’t, and found yourself glued to the beauty section piling products in your cart, you’ll be happy to know the prices for The Lip Bar are highly affordable.

The Lip Bar is a vegan, cruelty-free line of products with standout ingredients. The Lip Bar’s Cream Lipstick ($12), is a super moisturizing formula filled with shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil and vitamin E. Then there’s the popular liquid matte collection ($13) that is formulated with almond oil to keep its matte finish from drying out your lips, a problem with many liquid lipsticks. Finally, there is an organic collection of lip glosses ($14), that nourish and hydrate your lips like a lip balm and provide a glossy glaze-like finish.

Additionally, there are two shades that are exclusive to Target, Unimpressed, a liquid matte lip color, and Baddie, a lip gloss.

We certainly can’t wait to get our hands on The Lip Bar products, not only can you never have too many lipsticks, but to put our coins into a black-owned beauty brand is something we can always get behind.


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