Inside Her Story: Black People Have Sister Wives Too?


Polygamy, the practice of having more than one spouse, is usually something associated with white people. However the practice isn’t just for them because anyone can do it, including Black people – yes, Black people.

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden are a Black couple off the TLC show Seeking Sister Wife who are in search of another wife to add to their family. Many have asked how they do it and even wondered if it’s legal.

“For us we don’t subscribe to state recognized marriage. We’re in love with each other,” explained Dimitri. “We don’t need the state to recognize that.”

How does a relationship like this work?

“I think it’s about first of all making sure you have compatible people in the union,” explained Dimitri. “If you don’t have the right people in the relationship, the relationship is doomed.”

Ashley chimed in to explain the benefits of having another sister-wife in the family. “For me it’s all about sisterhood and building and working together,” she explained.  “I feel like when women come together. We are creative.”

Catch Seeking Sister Wife on TLC Sundays at 10/9 central.



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5 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: Black People Have Sister Wives Too?

  1. quasi intellectualism and rationalization with the result being two people who think they’re on the same page but couldn’t be further apart.This is all based on their studying of tribal polygamy in Africa which has no basis in reality for the culture either grew up in as jpolygamy there is done out of necessity for many reasons. Ashley’s goal in polygamy is to have “sisterly” support with child bearing and rearing. A best friend, sisterhood. Dmitri’s goal, based on his actions, is to be the father of a tribe with an adoring harem of hot women surrounding him. . In his first relationship(according to his first sister wife and comments Ashley made) the woman was all about bedtime with Dmitri. She had no interest in establishing a sisterhood with Ashley. Dmitri allowed this to go on for at least a year. NOw it’s a second go around and what does he do, breaks one of their cardinal rules and jumps into bed with the new girl the first night. Of course Dmitri doesn’t own up to his real motivations, he agrees with everything Ashley says. Ashley for her part, believes everything Dmitri tells her. She thinks she is so smart in her choices, it couldn’t possibly be her or Dmitri that are flawed in their thinking, it’s always the other women who are flawed. This is nowhere more apparent than when they met with the young 22 year old paramour after he slept with her. Ashley basically kept setting her up saying things like ” we want a relationship with honesty, blah blah” Poor Jocelyn kept looking at Dmitri waiting for him to say something, anything about their night together. But no, he just sat there while Ashley, with an almost sadistic smirk on her face effectively stonewalled Joscelyn, until she left. Then they bascially conrgratulated themselves on getting rid of another unsuitable candidate with Dmitri actually saying it was fortunate he slept with her so now they could see how unsuitablle and dishonest she really was.

  2. This Has been on before enslave black people came to America. Kings Did it to make Men help RAISE Boys who Fathers died in battle. Going to HELL? THAT’S the world has been for BLACK PEOPLE. Maybe we should stop listening and following the Europeans.WAKE UP.

  3. MariAnne Bolton on said:

    No one addressed the fact that just b4 Ashley came on the line, Dimitri had just answered, YES, to the question: “would you allow another MALE into this union”. When Ashley was asked this question, her answer was NO. This union seems to be just another way of being able to screw whomever or whatever you wish, without the GUILT feeling. Bc most of us were taught it is wrong to have more than one spouse. By the way, listening to Dimitri talk, and the way he expressed himself, I believe he would be more than happy to have a MALE in this union. ijs

    • ROFL. Yes, I caught that. No one said “Hey, your man just said Yes.” I’m surprised that Tom didn’t press the issue. And yes, Dimitri talked all proper and dignified, but if he’s in for that, I’m sure he ain’t talking that proper when he is getting his freak on, LOL! I agree that this is their way of justifying their mess. Then Ashley said “Oh, we love our beautiful AA sisters…”–Really? If you respect the sisters, then you wouldn’t be recruiting them into your mess. And no, I don’t believe for one minute that the “wives” are not freaking with each other. I’m sure if the husband demanded that, then they would do it. Get outta here with that nonsense! Although I do appreciate Jacque’s interview to enlighten folks on what’s going on out there… That couple is going straight to hell, trying to justify that crap.

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