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Actress Kimberly Elise typically remains mum about her private life but in past interviews, she has hinted that she’s dating someone, after experiencing the devastating loss of her first husband.

However, it wasn’t until recently that she revealed the identity of her mystery man and it appears that Kimberly has found love again.

The award-winning actress married Maurice Oldham in 1989 and shortly thereafter, she gave birth to their first daughter, Ajableu Arial Oldham. The couple would welcome their second daughter in 1998, Butterfly Rose Oldham. Tragically, Maurice died in 2007 due to a “massive blood clot.”

Ten years later, Kimberly has fallen in love with relationship coach, Kevin Johnson.

She shared on Instagram a loving photo of herself alongside her man and praised him for helping her to love again, per ILOSM. She also wished him a happy anniversary but didn’t share how long they’ve been dating.

Many have concluded that Johnson is the mystery man that Kimberly was referring to when she posted a photo of herself holding a man’s hand on Valentine’s Day.

Back in February, Elise and Kevin hosted a live chat on Instagram, where couples were encouraged to call in with their relationship questions.

(Photo Credit: Shogo Okishio / HNW / PRPhotos)

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9 thoughts on “Kimberly Elise Finds Love After First Husband’s Sudden Death

  1. You’re right as usual! At 53, I look back at how foolish I was to worry about how/what others thought of my significant other (how he looked or dressed). How foolish i was to let external wrapping and what people thought of him out weigh Love and Good Treatment from someone that what would have been a life long partner and a Good relationship.

    • Yeah Deb, it’s funny how our own “preferences” could also be our worse enemy. I remember when I left my home city and moved to a military town and swore up and down I would not marry a military man. Well dang I must have been there a whole 5 minutes and next thing you know, “Izzz mar’id now” hahaha. (that was an exaggeration)
      All my preconceived perceptions I had of a military guy didn’t match the one I married, he has always been kind and nice to me and only wants the best for his family. He’s his daughter’s biggest fan, I couldn’t have asked for a better dad for my/our kids. Yes we’ve had challenges of course, no marriage is without them, but our good days far outweigh our bad days.

  2. Someone posted that people are more concerned with the external than internal, and I agree. That’s why there are so many lonely and miserable people in the world singing the same song there is no good men/women etc.

    • I agree with that tweet. And to add lots people care about what others think of their mates so that keeps them lonely as well. We’re to concern with what’s not important than what is and only we ourselves knows what’s important to us.

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