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WASHINGTON (AP) — A mid-September conference on historically black colleges and universities remains on track, the White House said Wednesday, despite reports that it has been postponed.

Omarosa Manigault Newman, an assistant to President Donald Trump and communications director for the White House Office of Public Liaison, said the summit has been moved to the White House campus from a hotel in the Virginia suburbs of Washington.

The conference is planned for Sept. 17-19, with the bulk of the work scheduled for Sept. 18, she said.

Some organizations and lawmakers had called on the White House to scrap the conference after Trump blamed “both sides” for violence between white supremacists and their opponents during clashes last month in Charlottesville, Virginia, where one woman was killed.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said late last month that conference registration was at capacity and the White House had no intention of canceling.

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund cast doubt on the gathering when it released a statement last week saying it supported a decision by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to postpone the National HBCU Week Conference. Published reports described the conference as having been postponed. DeVos’ statement mentioned modifying the conference, not postponing it.

Manigault Newman told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Wednesday that the conference has just been scaled back, not eliminated. She said the White House plans to announce an executive director for its initiative on black colleges on Sept. 18.

Trump signed an executive order in February that established a White House initiative to promote excellence and innovation at these schools, which were founded at a time when predominantly white institutions of higher learning would not allow blacks to enroll.

Trump’s directive moved the Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities from the Education Department to the White House.

It directs the initiative to work with the private sector to strengthen the fiscal stability of HBCUs, make infrastructure improvements, provide job opportunities for students, collaborate with secondary schools to create a college pipeline and increase access and opportunity for federal grants and contracts. It does not specify how much federal money the colleges should receive.

Black college presidents are seeking billions in federal funding for infrastructure, college readiness, financial aid and other priorities. Under President Barack Obama, historically black colleges and universities received $4 billion over seven years.

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20 thoughts on “White House Says HBCU Summit Is Happening

  1. Dr. Larry on said:

    People like Diane will avoid facts and statistics like the plague. Because it most always exposes their false narrative. So they are only left with getting loud, which black women excel at and spewing vulgarities, again, an area of expertise for black women. Logical, factual cognitive processing, not so much. Haters gonna hate.

    • Nestafan on said:

      I’d like to read some your statistical data, if you care to provide any. I’m always open to hard facts rather than conjecture.

  2. Dr. Larry on said:

    Thank you President Trump for being a man of conviction and your word. Whatever you do will be a hell of a lot more than the pansy obama did

      • specialt757 on said:

        hahahaha are you kidding me? You must be new. He’s fake, like his lace front hairhat wearing prez. Don’t believe the lies.

      • Passing Through! on said:

        Just out of curiosity, “Dr,” what is your specialty?
        His specialty is trolling black blogs with racism, lies & f**k up logic that makes no sense.

    • specialt757 on said:

      “a man of conviction and your word” You and your fake prez are mentally ill. 45 does nothing but lie, and even when caught in one never apologizes or fesses up, remember the birther lie? Fake lying be-otch.

      • Punk, when was the last time your fake ass donated to anything? Go back to ” britefart” news with your white supremacist boss, Steve bannon.

  3. Whatever! This administration doesn’t give a damn about blks, period. This is the same adminstrstion that’s hell bent on taking healthcare away from millions. His AG. wants to take blks back to the Jim Crow era when it comes to the injustice in this racist country. Does anyone on this website really think 45 wants to help blks in any way, shape, or form?

    • This is the Administration hell bent on making healthcare affordable for WORKING Americans not just welfare recipients as far as not giving a dam for blacks what did 8 years of hopeless change do for us? You run-off at the mouth about Trump only being concerned for the rich the Obama years were the best times for the rich, the income margin got as wide as the grand canyon under The Boy King Black home ownership plummeted, Obama opened the flood gates for illegals to compete with blacks for jobs
      and education even giving preference in some cases while leaving us with unemployment and welfare, but yet Plantation Negro’s like you still think he was the Greatest leader of all time

      • Bytch, I told your dumbass time and time again I’ve never praised Obama to the extent you claim. He isn’t a racist, he’s not an incompetent Buffon, oh, and most importantly he isn’t the effing prez. Obama deported more immigrants than any prez. Get the F off of this website with your fake news. Go to britefart and spew your bs. I’m not here for it. You got that, boy?

      • Nestafan on said:

        It would be great if the healthcare bill had actually been revised to make it more affordable for the working class, but so far they haven’t been able to make that happen.

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