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While taking time out from selling his popular grills to the masses, former boxing champion George Foreman decided to comment on Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem, slamming the football star and activist as “unpatriotic,” all while praising Trump for the job he’s doing as president. You truly can’t make this up.

As reported by the New York Daily News, George Foreman was recently a guest on the “Offended America” podcast where he decided to unload on both Colin Kaepernick and basketball star Kevin Durant for being unpatriotic by refusing to stand for the national anthem. Foreman didn’t stop with the jabs against Kaepernick and Durant, once he was done with them he went right into the wonderful job Donald Trump is doing as president. Wait, what?!

George Foreman on Kaepernick & Durant:

“(Kaepernick and Durant) haven’t been brought up with people who were patriotic to even point them in the right direction,” Foreman stated, referencing Kaepernick’s National Anthem protests and Durant’s refusal to visit the White House.

“Some of them are trying to make a point, it’s like look at me, I’m trying to say something. You gotta respect that, too,” he continued.

Foreman on Trump’s presidency:

“I was broke, too. Bankrupt. Put me back, he was part of writing those checks, so I could be on the wealthy side again. So I’ll always be grateful to the entrepreneur Donald Trump,” he said. “And now President Donald Trump.”

“He’s a good President. A lot of people don’t like him, but evidently more do, because he was elected President of the United States.”

There are so many problems with Foreman’s statements, but let’s start with his assumption that Kap and Durant were not raised around people who were patriotic…um, how do you know how they were raised? Secondly, just because Trump gave you some change back in day has absolutely nothing to do with the present and the horrible job he is doing as POTUS. Perhaps, Foreman should stick to the grills he’s used to and leave so-called patriotism and politics to those who have a better understanding.

George Foreman Slams Kaepernick As Unpatriotic While Praising Trump’s Leadership was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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