Black Moms Matter: ‘Mom, Why Do White People Hate Black People?’


08/17/17- Should we let our kids watch the news? Especially with what’s going on today, like Charlottesville. Kym’s 6-year-old son asked her, “Mom, why do white people hate black people?” That shocked her because he hasn’t even identified himself as being “black” yet. Are you having “The Talk” with your kids?

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55 thoughts on “Black Moms Matter: ‘Mom, Why Do White People Hate Black People?’

  1. Nicoya on said:

    By the way, I’m 32, college degree, 1 child, positive, nice attitude, and respectful. With the stereotypes I am constantly being compared to every black woman and that’s definitely not fair at all. I get people saying oh you think you’re white or you don’t act black(whatever the hell that means). Anyway, treat people the way you wanna be treated and let your higher power handle it, enough said.

  2. Nicoya on said:

    Wow these comments are very disrespectful to African Americans. Why the hatred? Why the evil thoughts? You people DO realize that they are millions of black people in America. To stereotype a whole race is wrong. All black people aren’t the same. These comments break my heart because we will never be treated equal. I don’t feel that way about other races as a whole, so why feel this way about American black people as a whole?

    • Metro tull on said:

      It’s not hatred, it’s apathy. I could care less what happens to the black community. Why would I, blacks don’t care. They have fallen so far down the scale that measures morality and decency since the democrats sold them the fatherless family that it’s pointless even debating it.

      You keep asking why no one cares about your problems and everyone keeps telling you but if you don’t want to hear the truth, stop asking.

      You sold your souls and your futures to the democrats for the projects and money to buy shiny rims for your 30 year old cars.

  3. The whole thing that is funny is that dark-skinned East Indians, Filipinos, Natives, and Hispanics get jobs and keep them. They go to school. They stay out of trouble. They raise their kids. They do not marry and get a house without family help, their own money, and good jobs. If they cannot afford a business on their own, they get together with others or start from home. I am not against compensation for past injustices, ending police brutality, and affirmative action. I think black women are incapable of raising kids and black men blame their life problems on society.

  4. Mr. E on said:

    It’s not because of your skin color. It’s because of your attitudes and culture. I have no problem with blacks that recently came from Africa and elsewhere. They are respectful, family oriented and hard working. American blacks on the other hand are arrogant, entitled, and destroy every neighborhood they live in. Go to any black neighborhood in the hood and you’ll find trash thrown all over the place. Violations of traffic laws and crime. Black Americans have no respect for others, yet they expect respect from everyone else. They embrace all the things that the rest of America despises. It’s not the white man’s fault that black men abandon their kids, or that many black women have multiple baby dads. It’s not the white man’s fault that blacks would rather commit crimes instead of working. Black Americans think being ghetto is cool. That’s why cops shoot you and get away with it, because deep down inside we know that you likely did something to deserve it.

    Until blacks learn to accept responsibility for their behavior they’ll never understand why almost every other race of people can’t stand them. I’m Hispanic by the way. My father was always around and still is. He taught me to work hard and to respect others, their space, their property, their wives/girlfriends/families.

    • Metro tull on said:

      The reason blacks fail in every culture they are introduced to is not racism it’s not white privilege.

      Its their complete lack of decency, moral fortitude and intelligence. Even the few intelligent black women behave like uncontrolled bitches in heat. Multiple children with multiple fathers does not a cohesive society make. Oh and it’s not because of slavery that this state of affairs happens as it’s the norm in Africa to.

      If you look at who is doing well in America Asian and Indian immigrants. They have a very strong culture and morality which has so far not been infected with your taint.

      Unfortunately lower class whites who live in proximity to blacks have been infected with your vulgar culture.

      Stop moaning and sort yourselves out with hard work and education. Not drugs ,sports and rap. Which is all your children aspire to be.

  5. Kevin0121 on said:

    Black people: If we were to split society down the middle, segregation but with equal resources and facilities, etc., a true split, what honestly do you think would happen? Just be honest with yourself not even concerned with your response. Certain people in your society, like the guy Kenny21061677 posting in here, would screw it up. Too busy thinking about Jordan’s to learn to read and write. Seriously think about this and I guarantee that if we did this you all would end up still living in ghettos at your own hands. Kenny man seriously it’s sad you presented the thoughts you had with the world and really thought they were ok or that you were making a point. Dude print this up and ask around “what’s wrong with what I said?” Because I know you can’t grasp it. Dude those words and ideas actually came out of your mind, that’s so sad I don’t eveb know what to say. I am truly sorry for you.

    • Sarai on said:

      I think that white people are just to arrogant to see a race outside of their own so they think that killing them is the best solution. White people are completely clueless if you are trying to kill a race off do you really think they’ll come to you with hugs and kisses.WELL NO! They’ll be pissed . and then your pathetic white minds will start asking itself why they hate your race! BITCH YOUR KILLING THERE KIDS AND FAMILIES.

      • Caleb Kendrick on said:

        You do understand I’m saying the average white person doesn’t hat black people right? Because right now you’re going on a rant for me saying I DON’T hate black people.

      • Wow maybe you should work on your English before asking for respect. Dems wordz be’s hard to get right

    • Judging by your post, I’ll bet my forty acres and mule that white people are extremely happy that you hate them. I’m black and I wouldn’t want to come within 2 feet of you.

    • Metro tull on said:

      Ok the premise of the original post is bullcrap so trying to answer it is a waste of time.
      White people do not hate black people or rather no more than they hate brown people Chinese people or even other white people who speak a different language. That goes for any colour, creed religion. Humans are naturally drawn to groups that they define in many many ways. These groups then compete for the limited resources around them. This has been happening since life started on this planet. Bacteria competed with other bacteria dinosaurs competed with other dinosaurs and mammals compete with other mammals.
      Black people, a lot of them are completely dumb to actual history and learn bastardised history taught to them to alleviate personal responsibility now.
      For instance black people start their knowledge from when they were taken by Europeans and sold into slavery around the world. If you ask them about Africa before this, and I have, they will tell you about a utopian society where all the blacks their lived in harmony with nature and each other and the violence only came with the white man. This is utter nonsense . Africa had about 1500 or more tribes living in it who were constantly warring with one another. They killed and enslaved each other for thousands if years before European contact. They sold captured slaves or traded captured slaves with middle eastern and Asian people as and when they came in contact with them. Please don’t think this is a tirade against black people as this status quo happened all across the world. Arabs enslaved other Arabs and Asians enslaved other Asians whites enslaved other whites. Hell even native Americans enslaved each other.
      Why some blacks and whites perceive this as a bigger deal then historically maybe it should be is not only because it was nearly the last big colonisation. Europe and Asia had been carved up for centuries and the people who suffered in those carve ups are lost to history. I would hedge a bet as those two continents were more densely populated that the death and enslavement toll exceeded that of the Africans.
      In fact the reason the Europeans were able to colonise Africa relatively easily was due to the fact the was such a wide number of tribes who were happy to help the Europeans defeat their enemy tribes.
      The unlucky bit for the African continent was that this colonisation came at exactly the same time as the oceans opened up with better maps and ships.
      As to now I think it’s laughable to sit here and blame slavery for the state of black people in America.

    • Laquesha on said:

      BLACKS smell bad…it’s that gross musty ball sweat smell. It’s so disgusting. And they are so ugly. They try to look like us by straightening their African nappy hair. And they’re a violent race that consistently needs to be put in their place.

    • kenny20161677 on said:

      We dont rob nothing we’ve been accused of things and yes we do rob because we have nothing to start with were property like your ancestors said we’re nothing but property and animals like your said but we may did bad things but americans is worster because they stole land from native americans so get your shit right dumbass this not white people land go back to england were yall belong #Americanrevolution

      • kenny20161677 on said:

        Native Americans lived here before americans wanted to take over their land and yes im sorry for calling you that i just hate people who are racist to my color and who thinks im nothing but property but to be honest this is not your land or your ancestors this land belonged to the native americans yall not true americans becuase yall stole everything ,and yall put me and my ancestors to slavery your just as bad as your ancestor due to your ancestor selling us into slavery we were property animals,we had no names,no money,we was just a something.Plus when was sold by our own people.And i also got a question ,Why won’t whites go back to their home? #UnitedKingdom.Also another question why did the KKK bombed a church in alabama and killed 5 or more kids or childrens? Also whats the point of the confederate flag? Oh right from civil war,hey didnt civil war ended a while ago? then why the confederate flag still up? Dang didn’t know the south still developing a new country i though yall surrendered.LOL
        And yes i do love everyone i just don’t like how people judge me becuase of my color of my skin.Wait If this country free,then why this country so racist toward races of people skins,Including Native Americans.

      • “We don’t rob nothing” (anything, dumbass) and literally the next sentence “yes we do rob” god dammit why’d I come across this site? All of you that are up in arms, take a look across this page at the way y’all word things and the ignorant content of your speech. Please please please, let’s end all this fighting; can y’all please just go away? Just go literally no one cares where and no one will miss you. And we can cut down on all the pee-ons on patrol (police) and save some tax money that we give to your baby mommas for Newport’s. Jesus just fucking leave

      • The race of peoples skins huh? Wow man please tell me you’re like 14. I sadly doubt it. Also read the first sentence. Wtf are you taking about? So Americans from England dame and stole America from Americans? You said it not me. Please fuck off

  6. The truth on said:

    It’s a lot of things that I don’t like about my race and the things they say and do but just because black people dint take no shit we are the bad guys because the shit that I see white kids do is crazy so just because I’ll fuck you up and ask questions later doesn’t mean I’m a bad person because white people push your buttons and then when they get the reaction they don’t like then we are animals and crazy

    • Kevin0121 on said:

      Breathe, commas, periods. The fact that your mind told you it’s ok to form phrases like this (because that’s how you speak too; your actually had to put extra thought in to write it) is why we don’t like you. Most of you are objectively not intelligent or are “too cool” to act smart if you are. Your race is so heavily driven by peer pressure. You drag each other down so much. Crabs in a bucket. And y’all obviously want what we have or you wouldn’t constantly whine about how much we hate you. Except when you’re shooting us for our Camry, not a one of us cares how much you hate us. Seriously not for a second does anyone white person ever consider “why do the blacks hate us so much?”. We have enough on our plates having to coexist with you and having our children cover their ears when around your children in public. Please learn how to act civilized

    • Kevin0121 on said:

      I’ll fuck you up and ask questions later. Yea exactly. When we’re burying our loved ones because you held your gun sideways when fucking someone up and shot up a kid we ask a lot of questions. “Why couldn’t we have just picked the cotton ourselves” tops the list. When I get a few hundred dollars of my check taken for CHIP I have lots of questions. Because for me that would be embarrassing to use, not a lifestyle. Why don’t you start asking some questions first, because let me break it to you: your race isn’t doing so hot. Maybe you’re the ones that are wrong??? Nahhh of course not huh

  7. All children are innocent,but the family and the environment around them make them turn out the way they are ,if they live in a good family, environment they wont become a social problems. No one hate good black people, but we all hate bad black people if you are good no now will hate you stop put the words black matter to make yourself look better. I don’t have to explain why no one want to live in black community it’s because your nasty behavior that most people can’t accept it, like in my apartment complex a group of black kids walk around the complex and throw the rock to other people window includedmy window when I got they I call a cops on them their parents told me their kids are a good kids …..good kids my ass .

    • Exactly I don’t hate all black people but I do hate most but it has absolutely nothing to do with their skin color it’s their loud obnoxious behavior and their sense of entitlement thinking white people owe them something because of slavery which no one today has anything to do with as a owner or slave and blaming all their failures on white people and by the way I know plenty of black people that have good jobs and have never been to jail the difference is they don’t apply to my former statements but of course the ones who speak properly and carry themselves in an intellectual manner are considered sale outs. I’ve actually heard ghetto black people make fun of people for having a college education seriously your the one speaking Ebonics and your making fun of someone for being educated do you not realize how fucking stupid you sound.

      • kenny20161677 on said:

        I understand,but my problem is why whites stole native american land.Plus i’m scaredi m only 14 im learning about the past i just want to feel like i f=matter because while growing up i was separated from my dad.I’m trying im really trying.I love everyone but i hate when people hate each other.Why can’t we all work together.Natives,Blacks,Whites,All combined will=A very strong community and force.We will be as one,but when we ifht each other or kill one another we are just as horrible as what our ancestors did during slavery like i learned today.That my own blood my own people sold my ancestors to the White Americans which is sad i will have to move on hearing that but also hearing white people say that black people are disgustig or animals stupid.But did you know that blacks have been accused of things that are not true in the south.I’ve haven’t been down there but i called my dad and he told me about it.It’s horrible people can be nice around the camera but behind they are monsters Which is why the us are having trouble with racism too many people thinking they better then another based on their race.Plus Not all race get the same treatment in jail and sentences based on their race not just blacks but whites,Natives,Indians,Mexicans.Like come on this country is the worst country to have the amount of ractism in the usa plus.People saying whites were slaves?But were they chained to their master and didn’t have no chances to buy things or get money like black did.If no,Then your ancestors didn’t experience what my ancestors expereince.Why did you think the charater in black panther said “I’ll jump down into the sea(Or ocean)with my ancestors.”It’s because during slavery blacks already knew they had no chances.They had to sit underboat chained.They all pooped on them selves hoping for god to save them.So whats the difference from whites experence?But yes i agree why people judge one another on their race anyways why did whites steal native americans land then claimed it as their own?

  8. Nun ya on said:

    White people hate Blacks because they fear them because they don’t understand them. We as humans tend to fear the unknown! Personally I hatewhite people because they don’t care about police brutality and young Black kids being killed by the police. All they do is get angry because a football 🏈 player takes a knee!! Wtf!?? If their kids and young men were being systematically killed by police, Black people would have their backs!

      • The truth on said:

        Your a dick head no body deserves to die at young age I bet you the little Billy’s and Timmy’s that massacre the schools and family will not get the same response but because we are black every thing we do is so threatening and so hurtful the most you see black people do is shooting that is the most popular crime with in the black community with white ppl y’all kill schools and being perverts and all kinds of crazy shit so if anything we should be scared of y’all crazy asses y’all kid nap kids you rarely hear of a child being kid napped in a urban community it’s in the suburbs that you have to worry about your kids going missing people being held hostage and all kinds of foolishness u ass hole I hope you fall down the step eat a dick and die

  9. Because blacks are racist and full of hate against whites. 1) WE DID NOT BRING YOU PEOPLE HERE. 2) WE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SLAVERY. 3) I was beaten nearly to death by a racist black man. 4) 4 racist black men accosted my friend and his wife in a parking lot and beat and raped her for hours making her husband watch while they beat him too. Is that enough reason or should I continue?


  11. MyBizness on said:

    Here’s a news flash – most white people in the USA do not hate black people. They FEAR black people. That’s not the same thing.

  12. Joseph on said:

    You can tell you right son many many reasons ,,, black men rape white women 80% of rape crimes toward white women happen by black men so each woman this happen to her all her friends and family hate black,,, Africa the most undeveloped places on the earth ,,, black are lazy live on welfare could Be also reason,, tell him they fake history and they say black build the pyramids. Black are crying baby you can choose.

    • NOne fact comment often consider a type of remakes hater can only make . African is consider one of the richest place on earth .The point is your remarks is pointless and hate base .If you do the statistic the number of people who are consider wallfere recipes – white family top on that chart too .

    • Honey on said:

      THAT IS some BULL shiz naive.Tbh some of y’all made that up and you only commented what you here why not see things for y’all selves and yeah we ALL are humans just different in our own ways.If black people did so much why can’t y’all explain all the sh*** y’all did.

  13. Why do white people hate black people? Why do black people hate white people? Why do some white people hate other white people? Why do some black people hate other black people? You could ask a thousand people this same question and get a thousand different answers. Why does anyone hate anyone else? My answer to my child would be “I have no idea. But, if you discover someone hates you, don’t waste your time trying to figure out why. Just keep it moving. Your time will be better spent associating with people who have something to contribute to society. There are plenty of us out here, and we’re not hard to find.”

  14. Who cares why they hate us?

    The African American community needs to stop looking for white folks to luv us-WE NEED TO LOVE OURSELVES!!!!!!!!

    White’s have been JEALOUS of us for centuries.
    We come in all different skin tones/hues-THEY DO NOT!!!!!!

    If nothing else-the incident in Charlottesville VA displayed whites
    in their true nature-AS SAVAGES!!!!!!


    • Bianca on said:

      Whatever you need to tell yourself to make yourself happy by all means honey. I bet you that black person who calls a white person a bitch/honkey etc. when they are trying to make polite conversation with you.

    • Trust me and i will never be jealous of you dirtt blacks. Hahahaha. Im not even racist of color im racist of the way you act treat other people the way you carry yourself has nothing to do with color babes. I respect all till u disrespect me. You hate me and i dont care. Grow up and look at the big picture.

    • 1) Nobody is jealous of you. It’s all in your head. It doesn’t mean we hate you either. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Don’t be eccentric.
      2) Some black people are strong/resilient/independent. Some are not. Some white people are, some are not. It’s not okay to generalize others and then expect not to be generalized yourself. Golden rule, man. It’s a wonderful thing.
      3) White people do come in all different skin tones, actually. You ever seen an Irish person vs. an Italian person? Both considered white, vastly different shades. You’re not really even thinking about what you’re typing, are you?
      4) There’s that generalizing again. If that was true, I could say the violence in Ferguson and the Delmar Loop portrayed all blacks how they truly are – savages. See, it’s not very nice is it? We all do stupid shit sometimes, but it doesn’t always have to be about race. Morgan Freeman said if we want to get rid of racism, we need to stop talking about it. So why is everyone trying to hard to find it in everything? I literally saw on the news that people are calling Dr. Seuss books racist. How hard do you have to read into something to find a children’s book that is full of nonsensical things racist? The things barely make sense, for fuck sake. They’re supposed to be silly. I’m sure Dr. Seuss was not trying to instill racism into children subliminally. I’m sure you think it’s true though. After you pull your head out of your ass, maybe your brain can start getting enough oxygen to it so that you can actually use it.

    • Yeah,you definitely need to start loving yourselves more considering most of young black guys who get shot are shot by other black guys.
      And maybe a little less hate towards whites might help as well

    • If y’all are so great why are most of y’all are broke ghetto trash. I can tell in no way are white people jealous of blacks why would we be we have the most money and run the country and sense y’all supposedly are always being targeted by police why would we want to be black that’s some stupid shit y’all tell yourselves to make your selves feel better keep wishing little buddy

    • Jealous of you?

      I guess we’re so busy being intellectuals, that we don’t know how to dumb ourselves down and make below average IQ music. White people pay attention to black culture purely because it is less exhausting than white way of life… thinking, preparing, worrying, and trying to better ourselves overall.

      Jealous… without US, you people, and yes, would be living how they’re living in Africa still. Enslaving each other, scarcely paved roads, laughable government and extremely violent.

      Black people owe white people extreme gratitude, because we SAVED you from Africa and any other Black Country, because there is not a Black Country out there that has made anything out of itself without white people colonising it.

      Why do we hate you? How about less of a loaded questing that won’t take 6 months to fully explain. Why would we like you?? You contribute VERY little, influential at 0%, invent nothing, and have NO self-awareness.

    • ben gay on said:

      all i can say is wooow the to the stupidity and language you hood rats bring to this forum with lack of intelligence or to even think deeper that you immediate thought. instead of being grateful to the white man that brought your ancestors here and made something of your culture because obviously you guys don’t have what it takes to live civil in any society, the white man puts his head down while you black spit in his face and then demand or their hard earned money while you bitches cry like some other man needs to support your dumb asses .

  15. Children are born innocent. Hatred, abuse, envy, bigotry and other negative feeling are taught and learned. Yes love is also a feeling that’s learned, but it’s natural like breathing. My opinion only.

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