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DL goes over the things President Trump lied about over the last two weeks. This includes his talks with Mexico, being welcomed by the boy scouts of America and many more incidents.

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Sound The Alarm: Donald Trump Is President And Twitter Is In Full Meltdown
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4 thoughts on “DL’s GED: ‘President Trump Is A Liar. He’s A Liar And A Traitor’

  1. Willie on said:

    PRESIDENT REMINDS ME OF FREDDIE PARKER’S SONG. “…In Love With The Other Woman” except our President Is In Love With Putin….he never speaks ill of Putin or Russia.

  2. Joe Gonzales on said:

    And who cares about this dude? The realities of it is we are still stuck fighting battle for white people. We have one Democrats fighting white Republicans in the middle they have convinced a lot of us black folks to fight for both of them.
    I don’t give a rat’s ass f*** about those son of a b****** both Democrats and Republicans. For 235 f****** years they have used us and what do we have they’ve created all these problems and they claim now they’re trying to solve them. If you believe in that then you believe in Mother Goose. This is playing mind games are playing on us. We need to focus our attention about us. Icr politician black politicians wasting a lot of f****** time playing the same game over and over again. This s*** got to stop we need to take care about us. There is no great white Messiah that’s going to come and solve our problem. President Obama was in there because rich white Democrats wanted in there. The same thing they Republican tried to do with brother Colin Powell. It’s time now to quit worrying about what an old white woman Democrat lost to a white 71 year old crazy Republican. When Trump got elected the Sky Den come down to Sunday and fall the world and come to a standstill. What we do know as black folks we still stuck in the same position as we were 235 years ago. The difference is black folks can now go to White schools can marry white women and can hold positions that the white man wants you to. You can play football you can play basketball you can run your own TVshows but it’s all under the control of the rich white Jews and we’re f***** that is why we need to get our shit together. At the end of the day we are still n****** for the white man

  3. Joe Gonzales on said:

    Who cares? What good does it do for Black Folks to rant and rave,complain. Over and over,how does that benefit us? ZERO. TIME TO CONCENTRATE ON US ,Time to take care of us.White people control both Democrats and Republicans. Who cares what awhitey does? We have travelled down this road over and over again and again ..we had Democrats in charge Republicans in Charge what have both parties done for US working Black Americans? Zero…F k all this complaining.Let do our own thing.

  4. BUNNY WHITEHURST on said:


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